Managed  Services

Be your Hyperion hero.™


Running complex, enterprise technology like Oracle Business Analytics requires the support of highly skilled resources with both technical and functional expertise. Because of this, companies have generally had two options: depend on a team with limited expertise and face poorly executed administration and maintenance, or hire a qualified administrator and face high costs and the risk of a short tenure.

Now there’s a more reliable and economical way to support your Hyperion environment and applications: US-Analytics’ Oracle Hyperion Professional Managed Services (HPRO). With HPRO, you gain the benefits of a highly skilled and experienced resource without the cost of a full-time, in-house administrator. Our Hyperion experts not only reduce your total cost of ownership — they optimize your technology with US-Analytics’ best practices.

Taking support to the next level, our HPRO+ solution combines managed services and cloud hosting. US-Analytics partners with the leader in secure cloud hosting, Armor, to protect our customers’ most sensitive data.

Choose HPRO or HPRO+ to be your company’s Hyperion hero so your team can focus on maximizing data and business insights.


  • Rely on Oracle-certified, US-based consultants who are dedicated to managed services and available 24/7
  • Lower costs while improving application performance and system reliability
  • Prevent costly and frustrating outages through proactive best practices
  • Access end-to-end support for your technology investment (over 100 tasks)
  • Scale support based on known and/or unforeseen events
  • Stay ahead of the curve on new Oracle technology requirements and capabilities
  • Protect data with security exceeding compliance for HIPAA and PCI DSS (HPRO+)
  • Focus on your business and leave the technology to our trained experts


  • Detailed service level agreements to ensure clear roles and responsibilities
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Application and/or infrastructure support
  • End-user technical support
  • Rapid problem tracking and resolution, documented by our user-friendly ticketing system
  • Proactive communication via monthly reports, quarterly reviews, and as-needed phone calls
  • Secure cloud hosting with multiple layers of protection from the physical data center all the way through to the database (HPRO+)