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Connect your BI data with GIS maps & demographics.

Adding industry-leading geographic Esri data in the form of an interactive map to your dashboard is as easy as dragging and dropping with GeoDiscover, a patent-pending Qlik connector Esri. In the background, the technology connects with Esri to display maps and layer attributes based on your Qlik selections — enabling you to make decisions based on your BI data as well as 100,000+ demographics and location data sets. 

Big data is just a Qlik away.


Identify Trends with Clustering

GeoDiscover allows tens of thousands of data points to be displayed at any one time. These overlapping symbols can render a map indecipherable. Clustering creates an aggregation of the points, turning it into a single, description image. Zooming in allows the individual points to become visible.

See Relationships Between Points with Linkage Lines

Linkage lines, also known as spider maps, show the visual relationship between two points with a series of lines or ellipses drawn from a single point to many points. Linkage lines take visual data discovery to a new level with the ability to show many different relationships across a map. 

linkage lines.png
measuring tool.png

Analyze the Distance between Points with the Measuring Tool

Users can measure both distances and areas with the measuring tool. By selecting the tool, and clicking two or more points on a map, a user can now see and analyze the distance between points. By clicking a series of points and creating a close polygon, the tool will generate the distance in square miles or other units.

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