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How to Install Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Studio for FDMEE

All of us that have been using Hyperion products for years know that version was the last edition of the “FDM Classic” or Financial Data Quality Manager (FDM), formerly Upstream Weblink. The result of a merger of FDM with Enterprise Resource Planning Integrator (ERPi) (which uses the Oracle Data Integrator engine), is what we call Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)

FDMEE now has a full Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) backend installed by default. If you enter through “Workspace” you will see that not much has changed with the user interface. However, if you are an ODI or Oracle Data Integration developer, the screens that you are used to seeing in ODI Studio are not available.

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Keeping up with HFM and Essbase Performance Tuning

Just like a car, you know your Hyperion products need regular tuning — but there’s not an odometer to tell you exactly when to do it.

Hyperion products install under the assumption you’re going to tune it, and it’s a necessity for regular users in order to fully optimize your system's performance.

So when should your revisit performance tuning? In most cases, once a month, but it depends on how often your using an application or module and what your using it for.

This blog will overview when you should conduct performance tuning based on what system you’re using, and what could have if you don’t keep up with regular tuning.

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