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FDMEE Tutorial: 10 Steps to Using a Source Adapter Parameter to Filter Data


Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) are useful products with an abundance of features. The various menus, options, and setup screens within FDMEE and ODI can be overwhelming. This is why I was intimidated when initially challenged with the task of leveraging FDMEE parameters to filter data sets, but the task turned out to be a great learning experience. Going through the process helped me gain a better understanding of the relationship between FDMEE and ODI objects.

NOTE: The steps below will not walk through installing or setting up FDMEE. The assumption is that the environment is already setup and running with working source and targets.  

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DRM Tutorial: 8 Steps for Adding New DRM Users in Bulk


 Recently, I was tasked with adding Users to DRM. The list contained almost 200 users! Inputting the users one-by-one was, in my opinion, not a viable option. Instead, I was able to save time by bulk inserting the users into DRM.

Bulk inserting DRM Users involves modifying/writing to back-end database tables. In addition to READ access to the DRM relational tables, you will also need WRITE access to the following six tables:

  • RM_User
  • RM_User_Role
  • RM_Category_User
  • RM_Object_Access_Group
  • RM_Object_Access_Group_User
  • DAL_Sequence

In the following example, users will be added to DRM with the “Workflow User” role.

Note: The below steps were used for an environment using MS SQL Server.

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