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Kscope16: Registration Savings & Must-See Events

Another ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference is fast approaching! Kicking off on June 26, Kscope will be held just steps from the Magnificent Mile and Millennium Park in Chicago. The 5-day event features over 300 sessions and boasts more BI and EPM presentations than any other conference.

Don't forget to register by March 25 (the deadline for early bird registration) and use code USA to save a total of $400 on your Kscope pass.

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How to Build an EPM/BI Roadmap [5 Free Templates]

At this point, you should have already established a vision of how analytics — enterprise performance management and business intelligence — can help achieve your organization’s business objectives.

You may have decomposed big topics (e.g. “reduce manufacturing waste of Product X by 10 percent”) into tighter areas (e.g. “vendor and supply chain quality,” “manufacturing specifications,” and “financial controls”). Each subtopic has associated initiatives or projects. Taken in total, you have a portfolio of projects to be organized, evaluated, scheduled, and lastly funded.

Now, the task at hand is evaluating the collection of initiatives and preparing a rationalized list of projects. This project matrix is the basis for the deliverable document — the roadmap. The EPM/BI roadmap is the visualization of the initiative matrix.

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Comparing Business Analytics Products: OBIEE 12c vs. BICS vs. Data Visualization vs. OAC

Looking for an enterprise-wide business analytics solution? Oracle has an app for that. Want cost-effective dashboards and reporting for departmental use? Oracle has an app for that. Or do you want an advanced data discovery and visualization tool? Yep, Oracle's got that too. 

You get the picture — Oracle has an app for almost every business intelligence need. 

But how do you find the right app? The quadrants on the right provide one way to think about Oracle’s range of business analytics offerings. Does your organization want control in the hands of functional users or IT? Do you prefer an on-premises or cloud environment? This blog post will help you decide which product is the best fit for your company by showing you what each product brings to the table.

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The Secret to a Successful Project, Part 2: Closing the Complexity Gap by Understanding People, Process, and Technology


We’ve talked about the first key to a successful project: understanding your project’s unique complexity gap.

The next step focuses on analyzing the current maturity of your organization (using the EPM maturity model) against the goals of the project. The outcome is a gap analysis, which measures the effort required to close those gaps and achieve a successful outcome. The gap analysis is the starting point to minimizing risk and maximizing the benefits of the project.

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The Dos & Don'ts of Data Visualization with Oracle Tools

“Data visualization” and “infographic” have been buzzwords in the design realm for the last decade. These days it’s hard to browse through a statistic-laden article on a website or magazine without coming across a glossy graphic, complete with charts and flashy illustrations, that make the 400 words next to it obsolete. Readers get all the information they need at first glance from the visualization.

Corporate is usually last to jump on the design train, especially with internal documents. When was the last time your company hired a graphic design firm to spruce up your annual report? Never? There’s a lot of value in presenting a chart or graphic versus a wall of numbers. Programs like Microsoft PowerPoint attempt to make this easy to accomplish, but easy is a relative term. Easy is not automated.

Oracle Visual Analyzer is automated: no fussing with formatting, slide transitions, or SmartArt. Your data is displayed in beautiful, rich visualizations that everyone on your team can benefit from, at a glance.

Follow these tips to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success with data visualizations from Oracle tools.

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The Secret to a Successful Project, Part 1: The Complexity Gap


Customers often ask, “What can we do to make sure our project will be a success?” Sometimes this question is so important to a client that they will go the extra mile to pay for advisory services (from, say, the Big 4 consulting firms) to help them answer the question. Well, from my experience in Big 4 and answering just this sort of question, there are three key areas that determine whether your project will be a success.

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Why “Data Visualization” Is the Latest Buzzword

There is nothing new about visualizing data. We experience visualizing information throughout our day. (Have you looked at the weather forecast lately?) But today visualization is a trending business and information management hot topic — why?
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6 Fundamentals of Successful Planning [Oilfield Services Playbook]

Posted by Marc Hadd   |   Business Intelligence


Oilfield services firms are the workhorses of the oil & gas industry, carrying out the drilling, completion, and workover tasks in addition to designing and manufacturing specialty tools and producing or procuring chemicals and silica sands.

For these dynamic organizations, specialization and segmentation is the economic trend, with two overarching goals:

  • Increase well productivity
  • Decrease well operating costs
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Oracle Hyperion and Essbase Live + Virtual Training

US-Analytics and 123OLAP invite you to participate in these courses designed to take students through the step-by-step process of developing and implementing a Hyperion Planning application.

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US-Analytics Selected to Present at Oracle Open World 2014

See US-Analytics' own Jon Rambeau, Vice President of Delivery, present on the challenges that EPM implementations present and best practices for these large scale projects. After nearly 25 years as a leader and pioneer in the EPM marketplace, Rambeau has a unique 360-degree perspective as a customer, vendor, and a software executive.

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