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12 OBIEE Performance Tips You Need to Know

If your users are complaining about performance issues, you know you have problems. But, what are they? How do you solve them?

As the administrator, you want to be on top of these performance issues, solving them before they affect your users. These 12 OBIEE performance tuning tips can help you become a more proactive administrator.

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Optimizing OBIEE Performance: How the Experts Do It

Posted by Nicholas Padgett   |   Business Intelligence,   |   OBIEE,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud,   |   OptimizeBI

 OBIEE performance tuning guides are abundant these days. It seems any developer with a passing knowledge of OBIEE can make suggestions on how to make your reports run faster... "change this variable, disable logging, check this box." But what do the experts say?

Hogwash. "OBIEE performance tuning" implies performance issues can be solved with specific suggestions and solutions. But all customers are different, and thus the solutions are unique. 

So instead of tuning, we optimize. Instead of dictating what must be changed, we work with the business to investigate solutions.

The simplest way to distinguish between tuning and optimizing is to look at the tasks. If the tasks are generalized and boilerplate, we're tuning. If the tasks include environment analysis and comparison of approaches, we're optimizing. Optimization provides true business value, where tuning only provides a facade of improvement.

How do we start optimizing? The best starting place is to have an understanding of where to start looking. Let's begin with best practices.

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