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Assessment: Should You Move to a Unified CPM Platform?


Organizations with a unified CPM platform manage all performance management data and processes with the same application software.

The driving force behind the unified CPM platform is to bring the finance office together with one tool that has many functions, while solving problems like data inconsistency. Most EPM suites on the market require some sort of data integration solution — but with a unified CPM platform, integration is a given. All the tools on the platform share the same data and metadata, whereas many EPM suites continue to have data conflicts after the integration solution is implemented.

This all sounds great, but how do you know for sure if this is something your organization could benefit from? The following assessment will help you answer that question.

Evaluate Your Organization’s Needs

  1. Do you have more than three performance management tools? Y/N
  2. Are you struggling with the challenge of integrating multiple tools? Y/N
  3. Have data integrations resulted in a “black box” of data that cannot be easily traced or audited? Y/N
  4. Do you need any of the following out-of-the-box planning solutions?
    1. Employee & contractor related planning Y/N
    2. Capex Y/N
    3. Cashflow Y/N
    4. Driver-based planning Y/N
    5. Scenario planning Y/N
  5. Are you still using spreadsheets for your account reconciliations? Y/N
  6. Do any of your current processes make it difficult to meet multi-GAAP, IFRS, SOX, or any other statutory reporting requirements? Y/N
  7. Do you still need to deliver reports by leveraging Excel? Y/N
  8. Does your monthly financial close process take longer than five days? Y/N
  9. Are you looking to speed up your monthly, quarterly, or annual close? Y/N
  10. Are you looking for a solution to increase transparency, such as drill-back and audit capabilities? Y/N
  11. Could you benefit from a link from reconciled balances to reported balances? Y/N
  12. Do you struggle with metadata synchronization between multiple products and applications? Y/N
  13. Are you looking to decrease your reliance on IT to support your performance management solution? Y/N
  14. Do you need a performance management solution with analytic and data visualization capabilities? Y/N
  15. Do you need a standardized process to make quick budget and forecast revisions? Y/N
  16. Do you need a solution that allows for automated rolling forecasts? Y/N
  17. Does your budget frequently lack finalization well into the year it applies? Y/N
  18. Is your organization struggling to support a closed-loop performance management environment? Y/N

If you answered yes to 5 or more of these questions, your organization could potentially benefit from utilizing a unified CPM platform.

To learn more about what a unified platform could mean for your organization, download The Newcomer’s Guide to OneStream XF.


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