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I Can Do Everything in One CPM Platform? Understanding OneStream XF

If you’ve been living in the Hyperion world, you’re used to having several EPM applications that require integration. Too often, improper integration results in an environment that’s difficult or time consuming to manage, applications with errors, and an organization that lacks confidence in the EPM system they’ve invested resources and capital in.

The experts at OneStream feel your pain — that’s why they’ve developed an all-in-one CPM platform with financial consolidation reporting, account reconciliations, and planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Understanding the challenges faced by finance professionals, the OneStream XF founders set out to increase the quality of financial data and to optimize financial reporting and analysis.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what it truly means to have a unified performance management platform.

White Paper: Bringing the Office of Finance Back Together

Financial Data Quality

Unified CPM is what makes OneStream XF different from other solutions on the market. All your financial data — whether it’s from planning and forecasting, financial consolidation, or account reconciliations — will live in one platform.

Data integrations can result in a “black box” of data that’s not always easily found or audited. To prevent this, OneStream XF has precise audit controls and gives you the capability to repeat your processes for more consistency and cohesion in your data.

OneStream XF’s approach to data quality helps provide…

  • Improved integrity through pre- and post-data loading validations
  • Increased transparency with audit trails for data, metadata, and process change visibility
  • Ease of use with guided workflows to help you move intuitively through the data collection, integration, and reporting process
  • Simplified data integration connecting to any open source using a pre-built integration connector with drill-back and drill-through technology

Financial Reporting and Analysis

With all of your data in one platform, OneStream also simplifies reporting and analytics for your team. OneStream’s XF Office Blend combines Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel content to help you better produce and send reports with tools you already use and know.

With OneStream XF’s reporting and analytics capabilities, you get the following benefits:

  • Ease of use through infinite “mix and match” reporting combinations
  • More maintainable with one guided report that can replace hundreds of spreadsheets without needing any maintenance as your metadata changes
  • Maximum agility by lowering the time and cost to deliver accurate information and analysis
  • Intuitive ad-hoc analysis with drag, drop, and pivot analysis through OneStream Quick Views

OneStream knows that you’re already using Excel and you’re unlikely to stop, so they’ve included an Excel Quick View add-in with OneStream XF. With the add-in, you get quick ad-hoc Excel analytics; multiple XF Cube Views, Quick Views, and retrieves in the same Excel sheet; and much more.

Why Choose OneStream?

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