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Announced at Splash17: New & Improved OneStream Features, Product Roadmap

OneStream Software, creator of the Microsoft-based unified CPM platform, just wrapped up its annual OneStream Splash user conference last week in Las Vegas. If you missed Splash or need a recap, read on and stay tuned for a series of new content from the CPM sessions.

In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of the product announcements made at Splash — recent improvements, new features, and a sneak peek at what’s on the product roadmap.

OneStream Splash17: The Best of the Unified CPM Sessions

Features You Should Be Using Today

Using an agile development process, OneStream provides customers with two major releases per year and minor maintenance releases. At Splash, OneStream’s VP of Knowledge Management reviewed new and improved features since last year’s conference:

Financial Model Improvements

  • Monthly, weekly, 13-month, and custom calendar time
    • Existing applications can be converted
    • Additional Member Filter support
  • Scenario and view changes
    • Input Frequency can vary by Year
    • Use in Workflow allows hiding analytic Scenarios from selection in Workflow
    • 14 new Scenario Types for a total of 24
  • Allocation and spreading
    • Right click to perform sophisticated weighted allocations or data spreading even across different currencies
    • Can be executed from Business Rules
  • Spread across time easily
    • When spreading across multiple time periods on one data row
  • Improved consolidation performance
    • Performance in our tests was significantly faster (your experience will vary)
    • Multi-year Consolidations with varying Input Frequency per year in Scenario were multiples faster in our tests (your experience will vary)
  • Improved calculation status performance
    • How Calculation Status is updated and cached in memory was re-engineered
    • Will improve report speed where Calculation Status is shown, especially in Report Books
  • Metadata migration improvements
    • Search for Dimension and Member changes by user and/or date range in one application for export to another
    • Loading of only modifications into target application will properly handle any additions, deletions, or changes


  • New Cube View formatting options
    • Cube View Extender Rules: Logo Control, Control Header and Footer Settings, Conditional Formatting
    • New Auto-fit options
    • Expanded Footer options
  • Advanced Dashboard Charts
    • Clickable Dashboard Charts to launch other Dashboards and other actions
    • Manage colors, X/Y axis settings, legend
    • Choices: Polar2D, Radar 2D, Simple 2D, XY2D
  • Advanced Charts
    • Dynamic hover over and click to drill
    • More chart options
    • Can control series colors or point colors
  • Visual Dashboard Designer
    • Dashboard Design Mode was added to the Dashboard Maintenance screen, making it easier to design and edit Dashboards
    • See Dashboard draft and all of the Dashboard Maintenance Unit items associated with it in the same screen

Data Integration, Workflow, and Security

  • Data integration and workflow usability
    • Workflow Profile filter and find functionality were added as well as simpler expansion and collapsing of hierarchies
    • Added 65 new Workflow task combinations, allowing more flexibility when using Workspaces in Workflows
    • Many new ways to integrate with data via Excel templates

XF Cloud, Foundation, and Performance

  • OneStream XF Cloud
    • Full version of OneStream XF on-premises, full Cloud, or hybrid
    • Migration tool for existing customer applications
    • Several improvements with more to come
  • OneStream Mobile

XF MarketPlace

  • New navigation experience
  • Reconciliation Control Manager
  • Improved all Specialty Planning Solutions with more to come

Knowledge Management

  • Planned launch this summer
  • 24/7/365 availability of OneStream training online
  • View from PC, tablet, or phone
  • Most advanced training material migrating to online offering
  • Lecture, exercises, quizzes, and more

What's Coming Soon to OneStream XF

The most important new features coming out in the next release this summer solve two of the biggest issues today for customers of CPM products:

  • The native Windows application is more secure and eliminates the need to use browsers or Silverlight for a web deployment. This eliminates the browser compatibility issues so prevalent in the industry.
  • The new Excel grid within the product offers all the functionality currently in the OneStream Excel Add-in, except the ability to create macros. Now that this functionality is part of the product, the vast majority of users will not need the Excel Add-in, again eliminating the major technical issue of add-ins conflicting with other add-ins that were not developed to Microsoft standards. OneStream will still support the OneStream Excel Add-in for those that need full macro capabilities.

The XF MarketPlace — OneStream’s version of an app store — continues to set OneStream apart from other CPM platforms. Customers go to the XF MarketPlace to deploy additional solutions, templates, and tools that extend the value of their platform. OneStream-developed solutions are available to all active customers free of charge.

Current XF MarketPlace solutions include:

  • Reconciliation Manager
  • Specialty Planning
    • People Planning
    • Capex Planning
    • Thing Planning
    • Cash Planning
    • Sales Planning
  • Snippet Editor
  • Guided Reporting
  • User Help Desk
  • Close Manager
  • Postal Service
  • Video Training
  • Dashboard Template Manager
  • Consulting Tools
  • Application Templates
  • Dimension Templates
  • End User Training Packs
  • Standard Reports
  • Dashboard Template Manager

Future XF MarketPlace solutions are numerous and might include*:

  • Task Manager
  • Risk Management
    • Transaction Matching
    • Disclosure Manager
  • Application Accelerators
    • Connector Accelerator
    • Tax Provisioning Accelerator
  • Machine Learning 123
  • And more

*Forward Looking Disclaimer: These statements do not qualify as a promise to deliver future functionality or services by any specific future date, as other priorities could prevent this from happening.

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