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What’s New in OneStream XF 4.3.0?

A new release of OneStream XF is here! There are several valuable new features that will improve the user’s workflow and enhance the overall user experience.

In this blog post, we’ll cover a new spreading option in the solution’s Spreadsheet feature, new functionality added to the Financial Model, and new solutions and features available in the XF MarketPlace.

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New Functionality in the Financial Model

OneStream’s Financial Model now has a new function that allows users the convenience of viewing “on-the-fly” values instantly during data entry.

This new functionality enables users to edit numbers on a form, save, and instantly see estimated consolidated results for totals — right on the page without having to run a calculation or consolidation.

Spreading Options in the Spreadsheet Feature

The Spreadsheet feature allows you to have an Excel-like experience without having to leave your OneStream application. Spreading is an easy alternative to using grids in dashboards, client-side math, and automatic calculation capabilities.

The new release brings enhancements to Spreading that give you more flexibility:

  • Spreading options are available from within the Spreadsheet feature and Excel Add-in by right clicking in a data range and selecting the OneStream XF/Spreading menu.
  • You can Flag and Clear cells in the same data range.
  • Spreading of data from a parent level Time member (e.g. Quarter or Year) to base level Time members is now available within Spreadsheet feature.
  • You have more options for how you work with your data, with several Spreading types including Fill, Clear Data, and Proportional Distribution.

New Solutions & Features Available in the XF MarketPlace

One of the great things about OneStream is the XF MarketPlace, which is frequently updated with new solutions, templates, and tips that can be implemented straight to your unified CPM platform.

In this release, there are four new solutions available in the MarketPlace, including…

  • Contract Compliance (TCC)
  • Reporting Compliance (TCR)
  • Thing Compliance (TCM)
  • Sales Planning (SLP)

The first three compliance solutions give you a detailed, driver-based experience while completing contract compliance through an integration with OneStream’s financial model. These solutions give you the flexibility and power of…

  • Tailored relational database tables
  • OneStream dashboards
  • Workflow
  • Integration with drill-back
  • Financial modeling and reporting

The new Sales Planning (SLP) solution gives you a detailed, complex, and driver-based revenue planning process that integrates with the OneStream financial model. Sales Planning is a great addition to OneStream’s other Specialty Planning solutions, such as People Planning and Capital Planning, that operate with similar functionality.

The Account Reconciliations solution available in the XF MarketPlace now has several new enhancements to the Reconciliation Control Manager, including…

  • Multi-period template entry of Reconciliation Explanation Items
  • Improved status indicators
  • Audit package creation
  • Currency translation on Reconciliation reports
  • And other reporting enhancements

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