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Questions to ask SAP about BPC and their EPM Strategy


The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Blog recently published an interesting post about SAP / BPC in comparison to Oracle EPM. A couple of items the authors did not mention is that BPC is positioned as "FREE" software and implementation cost. Reality is that no software is "FREE" and professional services firms such as US-Analytics have expertise in implementing HFM in a timely manner with minimal risk.

Here are some questions to ask SAP from the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Blog...

  • How many applications or instances of BPC will be required to support different requirements such as strategic planning, financial budgeting & planning, financial consolidation, management reporting?
  • How are different instances of SAP BPC administered, centrally or distributed? How can we synchronize data and meta data across multiple instances?
  • How many users can be supported on a single instance of SAP BPC? How many servers will be needed to fully support our application and user requirements?
  • What's your plan for industry or function specific planning applications? Are these built on the same platform as SAP BPC and integrated with it?
  • How do you manage strategic financial modeling requirements with multiple embedded or layered "what-if" scenarios?
  • Which version of BPC does SAP consider strategic? MS SQL Server / Netweaver / HANA? A combination?

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