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Net Promoter ScoreOver hundreds of successful Hyperion implementations, our consistently high customer satisfaction — an average net promoter score of 9.4 — has earned us a reputation for caring about results and delivering on promisesA major differentiator between US-Analytics and other consulting firms is that we are capable of and encourage active participation from our customers.

Central to our success is the belief that a “black box,” pre-built, templated approach is suboptimal for Hyperion customers. A special portion of US-Analytics’ refined delivery methodology makes the process iterative early in the project to shape the agreed upon solution like a glove to your needs. 

This methodology can only be executed effectively by very experienced, hands-on consultants. 




Protect your investment with proven delivery processes and experienced consultants.
Identify issues and opportunities quickly with constant reviews and communication.
alignmentEnsure that your solution aligns to your business goals.
Prepare for future growth with a scalable solution.
Rely on your timeline and budget.
lPromote user adoption through usability testing and validating solution with user group.
Minimize risk and project scope change.
Ensure self-sufficiency and future success with thorough knowledge transfer.
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Full Life-Cycle Deliverables


Pre-project plan.
Infrastructure architecture.
Project plan.
Solution prototype.
Communications plan.
Custom application.
Reporting plan.
User-intuitive interface.
Documentation plan.
Integration testing.
Functional requirements.
Usability review and testing.
Technical requirements.
Environment and communications testing.
Solution hardware requirements.
Training and knowledge transfer.
Detailed cost and resource estimates.
System and user documentation.
Project roadmap and timeline.
Frequent status reports.
Design document.