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Planning & Forecasting

Plan for business growth with information you can count on.

Too often, finance professionals face the pressure of making accurate projections without the proper tools, controls, and visibility into the business — and those are just internal challenges. Outside the organization, the global economy and market volatility have made planning more complicated yet more critical than ever.

We know the key roles that planning, budgeting, and forecasting play in a company’s success or failure. That’s why, for the past 15 years, we have helped companies transform these enterprise-wide processes with Oracle Hyperion. With the right tools tailored to your needs, you will see the same stunning results that our customers have.


  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions with faster and more flexible planning and forecasting
  • Improve organizational alignment by integrating strategic, financial, and operational plans
  • Prevent missed opportunities due to long planning cycles
  • Maximize productivity by spending less time gathering data and more time analyzing it
  • Present accurate, meaningful information to stakeholders
  • Avoid the drudgery of the annual budget with driver-based rolling forecasts
  • Eliminate the “gaming” process that occurs within an annual budget
  • Mitigate risk with automated processes, improved version control, and audit trails