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Enhance Applications


Bring your goals to life without the cost of a new implementation.

Get more from your existing technology through better automation, integration, data enrichment, and much more.

Enhance Hyperion Applications


Save precious time by automating recurring tasks and improving processes.

Our Automation Framework Toolkit is provided to all clients free of charge:

  • Effectively eliminate human error
  • Execute consistently – it does exactly what you told it to
  • Reduce or eliminate manual processes
  • Leverage afterhours system time when users are not active
  • Simplify and standardize processes
  • Speed up processes with features like parallel execution and looping
  • Save time for admins and users alike
Stock placeholder image with grayscale geometrical mountain landscape
Stock placeholder image with grayscale geometrical mountain landscape

Data Enrichment

Enrich and visualize your data without impacting your Oracle applications.

With Infinity Reports™, you can:

  • Easily add data sets to understand direct and indirect influencers to your bottom line
  • See side-by-side comparisons of your data with ANY external data sources, such as competitors’ financial data, inflation rates, and more
  • Predict future values with AI and machine learning
  • Be able to answer executives’ questions quickly by having the ability to transform, load, or reformat data efficiently
  • Give your colleagues access to the data without needing to provide access to EPM tools/applications
  • Use real-time insights to course correct your plans

Ask An Expert

  • Need to plan or budget a new EPM or Analytics project?
  • Been given the mandate to solve your EPM or Analytics challenge but don't know where to start?
  • Are you interested in a quick quote on what it would cost to remotely support these systems both technically or functionally with a talented and tenured team?
  • How about a competitive quote, or specialized training need?