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Harvard Review: Data Scientist 'Sexiest Job Of The 21st Century' | US-Analytics

David Kebo
January 27, 2020


Move over, Bradley Cooper - Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist the 'Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.' While we don't see Jonathan Goldman, resident data pro at LinkedIn, gracing the cover of GQ in the next year, we applaud HBR's choice to recognize the hardest working people in Big Data.

...thousands of data scientists are already working at both start-ups and well-established companies. Their sudden appearance on the business scene reflects the fact that companies are now wrestling with information that comes in varieties and volumes never encountered before. Read more.

The recent Big Data buzz focuses on technologies designed to "tame" mountains of information, related open-source tools, cloud computing, and data visualization. While those are important breakthroughs, as important are the people with the skill set (and the mind-set) to put them to good use.

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