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Kscope13 Recap: US-Analytics in Big Easy- A tale of triumph & teamwork


The US-Analytics team had a blast at Kscope13 in New Orleans, where we soaked up what the city had to offer, connected with our customers and colleagues, and enjoyed fantastic content from developers, administrators, architects, and business users. This is a casual, behind-the-scenes look at our company's experience at Kscope. Check our blog next week for downloads of our Kscope presentations.

All thoughts, opinions, remarks, and observations in this blog post are mine -- Nicole Magnoli -- US-A's resident Marketeer. I'm like a Muskateer, but instead of a sword I have enterprise-level marketing automation software. Way cooler.

Build it, and they will come.

Within hours of stepping off our Southwest-powered chariot, we went to work on the booth like a family optimistically setting out to string lights on the annual Christmas tree. This glorious feat of marketing genius (ahem) would be both a source of pride and our home base for the coming days. What started as "This is going to be the best Kscope ever!" quickly deteriorated into the frantic "Where's the Philips Head?! Why doesn't anything fit?! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PIECES LEFT?!" It wasn't long before we discovered that the display mount manufacturers sent us the incorrect parts to secure the TV. We resorted to locking it down with packing tape -- MacGyver-style -- for a true team effort.

Shoutout to Vice President of Consulting Jon Rambeau for displaying the kind of booth-construction leadership that's usually reserved for General Contractors on large commercial builds.

In the end, we stood proudly over our booth, bedazzled with the finest New Orleans-themed conference swag that Kscope had to offer:


Booth 3 A team effort!


Booth 1 "No Voodoo... Just Results."


Booth 2 "iPhone-to-Gramophone" speakers and itsy bitsy voodoo dolls (so creepy they're cute).

Jazz it up!

Sunday night we hosted a welcome party for our customers and "friends of the family." The evening was a success and the jazz trio from New Orleans Classical & Jazz did a fantastic job of entertaining the crowd. The perfect end to a long day of travel, booth-building shenanigans, and conference prep. Guests took home our funky "No Voodoo, Just Results" Kscope13 Tshirts, masterminded by our enthusiastic CEO Scott Preszler and Project Manager Nicole Harrell -- a surprising hit! Couldn't hand them out fast enough.

Cocktail 3

Cocktail 4

Cocktail 6

Learning is fun. Especially with these guys.

This isn't a marketing ploy -- if there's anyone I enjoy spending time with at work, it's our consultants. Period. Smart, funny, and personable, each of our go-to guys have well over a decade of experience in their specialties and are insanely passionate about what they do. More importantly, they enjoy it. That was evident in the geekfest discussions we all had over dinner. In addition to lengthy Hyperion-related conversations, there were references to 2001: A Space Odyssey, home telescopes, a new blog idea (LOLcubez™) and the perils of raising teenage daughters in the era of SnapChat...

Representing US-Analytics in a series of seven Kscope presentations were longtime Hyperion veterans Brian Marshall, Jake Turrell, and Keith Berry -- as well as a presentation by the affable and knowledgeable Angie Caruthers, the talented Hyperion System Manager for our customer McAfee. Angie is also a speaker at the Hyperion Professional Women's Forum. Our team knocked their presentations out of the park, playing to packed houses:


IMG_4953 Keith Berry being a rockstar.

Come back soon!

Another successful Kscope -- fun was had, knowledge was dropped, and swag was nabbed. We're already looking forward to connecting with our peers at Kscope14 in Seattle! Check back on our blog for downloads of our presentations and hit up our Events Page for webinars and events with our team.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 9.17.35 AM


A sincere thank you from the US-Analytics Team for a great conference!

See you next year!

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