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Webinar: 10 Tips to Increase BI User Adoption, a case study | US-Analytics

David Kebo
May 12, 2017

Despite the average user adoption rate of 30% for most BI implementations, US-Analytics has be able to increase BI user adoption exponentially for our Oracle customers through the Change Management Approach. Using this method, we've overcome several common adoption challenges, including:

  • Overwhelmed users unwilling to learn to use the dashboard, resulting in...
  • Inability to perform independent data analysis, compounded by...
  • Decentralized BI support and physically separate office locations, making training and assistance nearly impossible.
Sound familiar? Join us and learn the DO’s and DON’Ts of BI User Adoption through a presentation on best practices, a playbook of tips and tricks, and a case study from a national grocery chain. Extended Q&A session with our BI experts to follow the session.
US-Analytics delivers best practice solutions around the collection, storage, reporting and analysis of business intelligence. Our team of CPAs, MBAs, IT, product and process-certified professionals, with hundreds of customer projects, can meet your needs at any time during your company’s project lifecycle.

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