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Oracle Endeca: Practical Business Cases for Improved Information | US-Analytics

Nicole Magnoli
January 27, 2020

Business Intelligence strategies that leverage Oracle's Endeca information discovery platform go beyond the reach of traditional BI environments to lend context to unstructured data in shared drives, email, and websites.

Join US-Analytics for another informative webcast with our Director of Business Intelligence and our Senior BI Architects, featuring a live demonstration of Oracle Endeca and practical business cases that can be applied across multiple industries.

In this webcast, learn how to effectively:

  • Handle data that won't fit structurally into a warehouse
  • Process and store data that arrives rapidly
  • Accomplish intensive, frequent and immediate analysis...that is difficult or impossible to express in SQL.

US-Analytics delivers best practice solutions around the collection, storage, reporting and analysis of business intelligence. Our team of CPAs, MBAs, IT, product and process-certified professionals, with hundreds of customer projects, can meet your needs at any time during your company's project lifecycle.

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