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Business Intelligence… there’s an app for that. | US-Analytics

David Kebo
January 24, 2020

 In the age of digital native and immigrants, there are three categories that people fall into Avoiders - people that pass up a chance to own the latest gadgets or even gadgets at all, Reluctant Adopters - people that buy the gadget after they have been out of a while and Eager Adopters - people waiting in line the first day the gadget comes out. According to the law of diffusion of innovations (Rogers) most people lay somewhere in between reluctant adopters and eager adopters. Which one are you? If you are an eager adopter or even an early reluctant adopter, chances are you have an iPhone or even an iPad. QlikView now has a great app for your QlikView (QV) reports. (Don’t worry there is one for BlackBerry people too.) For this example, I’m going to stick to the iPhone.

What can it do?

  1. Make selections. Either by selecting it in a list box or touching it.
  2. Flip through reports.
  3. Clear selections by shaking the iPhone. I’m not sure if that gets you excited but I thought this was pretty amazing.
  4. GPS abilities? Really! I hear you can set it up to know where you are located and it will show you your clients in that area. How cool is that. Say one of your clients decided to cancel on you at the last minute for lunch. Do a little search and guess what your favorite buddies at xyz company is just down the street. Now give them a call to see if they want to go to lunch.
  5. Connect to your existing QV server with the same user CAL.

Why use QlikView?

Say you are in a meeting with your boss and your boss’s boss. Your boss turns to you and says, “How are our sales for the New York team?” Oh no, you didn’t bring those numbers because the meeting was suppose to only cover the west coast. Have no fear you remember last week the IT guys setup the QV server so you can use the iPhone QV app. You go to the app and then the report in a matter of seconds. The data has a fresh reload from that morning. Then they start asking more questions like why is it so high. You look at the clients and notice one of the big medical accounts made a huge purchase yesterday. Not only is that impressive enough but then you go into detail on who sold it and what was sold. Then you show them other medical companies in that territory that they might want to go after. You take a screenshot of what you go over and send your boss and boss’s boss an email with everything.

You leave the meeting feeling pretty good. Now your boss’s boss wants you to show his boss (the CEO). The CEO starts to think man that is cool what else can we do? Before you know it this app helps the company make wiser and faster decisions.

How it is done?

Background goes here

Step 1: Setup the Server.

You will need to make sure the server is setup properly first. Go to:

In a nut shell you will need to make sure the access is setup for NTFS or DMS for either anonymous or authenticated access. If you get an error that says “No authorized documents found”, then it might be because this step wasn’t done properly.

Step 2: Download the App.

The app is free! Go to the iTunes store and search for “qlikview”. Select the app and download. Then add it to your phone.

Step 3: Add the Server on the App.

Now the tricky part…Just Kidding. You will need to tap the setting button on the top right when you first load the app. Click “Add Server”. Then you will need to enter your information.

  1. URL –
  2. Uses Mobile Directory – you can place all the apps you want on your phone in a folder called “mobile” on your qv file directory.
  3. Username – domain/username (make sure this reflects what your server is set to…ours is a backslash)
  4. Password - password

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