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It's Safe to Let Your Business Users Create On-Demand BI Apps | US-Analytics

David Kebo
May 12, 2017

The need for fast, accurate data analysis, forecasting and decision-making has been a serious business challenge for a long time. Data stores crammed with structured and unstructured data—and the need to extract value from them, fast—make the challenge more urgent.

Now, CIOs look to BI solutions that scale easily, deliver quick results and help control the costs of data storage, discovery and analysis.

US-Analytics joins a growing roster of companies that offer cloud-based solutions, which transform data stored in many formats into information that’s easy to find, use and understand. In fact, innovative software now makes creating data discovery apps easy and safe enough to let business users help themselves.

Innovative Development Platform Makes BI App Development a Snap

A partnership with Rosslyn Analyticsmakes it possible for US-Analytics to deliver cloud-based, self-service analytics solutions. Rosslyn’s pioneering, wildly popular RAPid app development platform dramatically accelerates the deployment of business intelligence and analytics from weeks to minutes.

By using RAPid as software-as-a-service, business users develop, share and use interactive BI on demand, without additional IT purchases, IT assistance or programming and data mining skills.

The speed and ease of gathering and using business intelligence is based on the unique RAPid self-service development platform. The platform’s UI adds an app store look and feel to what’s essentially a collaboration workspace. Within this space, business users create interactive dashboards, reports and apps. They select and progressively add information, remove inaccuracies, classify information and much more to create an up-to-the–minute data discovery tool, which can be shared immediately with colleagues.

The process can be complete within minutes of loading data into the platform (watch video). RAPid eliminates the need for scripts or schedules that transfer of data for real-time analysis and reporting. The platform provides users with their own zero-deployment cloud-based application and data repository, which they can access at any time.

BI Skeptics Speak Out—“Show Me the Money!”
What? Do I hear the protests of BI skeptics? “All this is great, but how do I make a solid BI business case to my battle-hardened CIO?” No problem. Try our BI ROI Calculator to gather and organize the evidence you need to seal the deal.

Business Intelligence ROI Calculator

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