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Survey: ‘Big data’ could cut $380 billion from federal budget | US-Analytics

David Kebo
May 12, 2017

A recent survey found that a high percentage of federal and state government IT officials polled believe that real-time “big data" analytics could help governments save money and lives.

Growing interest by the private and public sectors in the beneficial impacts of “big data” analytics has companies and government officials searching for new ways to make sense of the large swaths of data they have been collecting for years.

The survey — which was released in February by TechAmerica Foundation and commissioned by SAP AG — polled nearly 200 public IT officials.

It found that a majority of them believe that real-time big data solutions could help create substantial budget cuts, further reduce crime and enhance the quality of life for citizens.

Eighty-three percent of federal IT officials surveyed believe that implementing such technology could even enable $380 billion to be cut from the federal budget per year.

Both state and local officials, however, viewed the lifesaving impact that real-time big data analytics could have as more important than the cost saving impact.

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