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Study: People, Process, and Successful EPM Implementations | US-Analytics

David Kebo
May 12, 2017

A global vendor of bioresearch equipment, chemicals and supplies, needed to improve its IT infrastructure. To keep its Oracle® support contract and avoid the financial risk of off-warranty IT repair, replacement and labor costs, the company had to migrate from Oracle Hyperion® Financial Management and Planning 9.3.1 to version without delay.

The Senior Systems Analyst, Global Finance Systems Group, suspected that the human factor might be the essential element of a successful solution. Cost concerns had prompted him to consider an internal, do-it-yourself migration option. Although the IT staff had relevant skills and experience, they lacked the manpower and depth of technical and business skills needed for a quick deployment that could meet the process and cost constraints.

Learn the Solution

US-Analytics consultants used wide-ranging IT skills, deep knowledge and business acumen to provide a highly customized solution that met the customer’s technical, business and cost requirements.

Preliminary benefits include:

  • Faster network access and transaction times enabled by new hardware installed in the Hyperion software migration reduced consolidation time by 35 percent.
  • Immediate project costs savings. Flexible work arrangements enabled the IT staff to reduce migration project costs by substituting part of the consultant work with their own effort.
  • Ongoing IT operations costs avoided. By providing the IT staff with up-to-date IT skills and knowledge, the solution will help the IT professionals help themselves—and avoid outsourcing costs—in the future.

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