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The Top 5 Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Resources

As the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) platform becomes more robust, the content around the solution continues to grow. It can be difficult to sift through all the information and find exactly what you're looking for — so we combined it for you in one blog post.

This post will walk you through the top five OAC resources on our website to give you the best understanding of the platform and it's capabilities. 

1. Video: Take an In-Depth Tour of OAC

The Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) platform is a vast solution. It can be difficult to get a true understanding of it's capabilities and user experience without seeing the tool in action. In this video, one of our BI gurus takes you on a straightforward tour of OAC.

You'll get a look at what the Essbase experience is like within OAC, as well as...

  • The overall architecture of OAC
  • An explanation of the autonomous version of OAC
  • The differences between on-prem Oracle BI (such as OBIEE) and OAC
  • Using datasets and data connections
  • And more!

Take the OAC Tour Now

2. OAC Tutorials: Active Directory & Single Sign-On

This presentation includes two tutorials that were presented at Open World 2018 by one of our Oracle ACE Associates. You'll be able to walk through the process of setting up OAC, using an example from a large financial management company. This is the perfect presentation for system admins and aspiring OAC architecture gurus. In it you'll learn about...

  • AD Bridge
  • SAML 2.0 ADFS
  • Direct SSO vs. Link
  • Trouble Spots
The presentation also includes links to detailed tutorial videos.

If you're going to the 2019 Analytics and Data Summit (March 12-14), you'll have the opportunity to see this session live. You can learn more about the summit here. It will also be presented at Kscope19 in Seattle! You can register for Kscope here.

Get the OAC Tutorials

3. OAC Essbase Capabilities & Roadmap

In this presentation from OpenWorld 2018, you can learn about the functionality included with Essbase in the cloud as well as what's coming to the cloud-based solution. You'll also learn the 20 reasons why you should consider a cloud-based deployment of Essbase, including...

  • The architecture
  • Data Visualization integration
  • Automatic performance analysis
  • Automatic Excel to cube
  • And more!

Discover Essbase in the Cloud

2. Webinar Replay: Connect EBS to OAC in Weeks

Connecting Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to OAC (or OBIEE) can help give you valuable insight into your EBS data — allowing you to do quick reporting and analysis. But connecting these two tools can be incredibly lengthy process.

In this webinar replay, you'll learn about a proven method that can shorten the amount of time you spend connecting EBS to OAC by months. You'll also learn about some of the pre-built dashboards and reports included with this solution as well as some custom components.

Learn how to quickly connect EBS to OAC

5. Live OAC Boot Camp

If you're interested in learning everything there is to know about OAC, then you should seriously considering attending our 4-day boot camp course. This experience is intense and immersive, with the goal of turning you into an OAC expert.

In the first two days, you'll get a detailed introduction to OAC and learn how to create content in Data Visualization. The third and fourth days will focus on RPD modeling, showing you how to use advanced capabilities, including...

  • Time-series calculations
  • Variables
  • Row-level security

Learn more about the OAC Master Course

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