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Getting the Buy-in for Oracle EPM Managed Support Services

If you’re not a decision maker in your organization, it can be difficult to convince management to invest in a change. This is especially true if...

Hyperion Support Services: Nightmare or Dream Team?

When it comes to support services horror stories, we’ve heard it all. Organizations have approached us looking for a new provider because they’ve...

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM): Deciding on Your Next Steps

In the past couple of years, Oracle has been addressing its future plans for on-prem, and there’s a lot to consider — especially in regard to Oracle...

Does EPM/BI Project Really Matter? Waterfall vs. Agile vs. Blended

This is the age of packaged applications that quickly solve business problems, promising fast time to market or deployment. Articles found across...

Oracle EPM Planning Update (Aug 2019): New Version of EPM Automate

The August updates for Planning in the Oracle EPM Cloud have arrived. In this update, learn about new features like ASO functions in Calculation...

Account Reconciliation Updates (Aug 2019): New Version of EPM Automate

The August updates for Account Reconciliations in Oracle EPM Cloud have arrived. In this blog post, we’ll cover several new features, considerations,...
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