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Assessment: Should You Move to a Unified CPM Platform?


Organizations with a unified CPM platform manage all performance management data and processes with the same application software.

The driving force behind the unified CPM platform is to bring the finance office together with one tool that has many functions, while solving problems like data inconsistency. Most EPM suites on the market require some sort of data integration solution — but with a unified CPM platform, integration is a given. All the tools on the platform share the same data and metadata, whereas many EPM suites continue to have data conflicts after the integration solution is implemented.

This all sounds great, but how do you know for sure if this is something your organization could benefit from? The following assessment will help you answer that question.

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Account Reconciliation in the OneStream XF MarketPlace

Many businesses are still relying on manual methods to complete their account reconciliations — in fact, it’s almost two-thirds of corporations in the U.S. Using spreadsheets to complete your account reconciliations almost ensures inconsistent data and creates a major bottleneck in your monthly close cycle.

If you’re thinking about speeding up your account reconciliation process, but worried about integrating the tool with your source system — OneStream XF might be your solution. OneStream XF combines financial close and consolidation as well as planning and forecasting into one unified platform. Your account reconciliation solution can be downloaded straight from the XF MarketPlace — like downloading an app to your phone.

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Cornering the OneStream XF MarketPlace

We’ve already introduced you to OneStream XF and talked about how everything you need for CPM — financial consolidation and reporting; planning, budgeting, and forecasting; and account reconciliations — is available on one platform.

OneStream is a truly unique and innovative tool, which means it has some significant differences from the solutions you’re probably familiar with. One of those differences is the XF MarketPlace — one reason why OneStream has been called a trendsetter by industry leaders.

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