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Full Stack Performance Metrics
Collect and analyze metrics from the Database, Operating System, OBIEE, and log files. Optimize BI provides the full picture.

Walkthroughs and Explanations
Dashboards include processes and steps to understand the data, and actions to take to resolve discovered issues.

Track Your Progress
Metrics to track performance over time. Know if your efforts are making a difference and track the trajectory of your improvements.


The Key to Faster, Better OBIEE Performance

Effects of poor performance are all too obvious – reports taking hours to complete, continuous system errors, and crashes. But the root causes are often a mystery. The complexity of your tools make performance tuning an exhaustive process.

That’s why we created Optimize BI, a performance monitoring tool uniquely designed to uncover a complete, full-stack view of your OBIEE, OAC, and ODI environments to precisely pinpoint bottlenecks.


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Full Stack Performance Monitoring

Full Stack Performance Monitoring

Identify Problems When They Arise

Your organization relies on OBIEE for integral reporting, analysis, and decision-making. When  OBIEE performance suffers, it slows down your users and your operational agility. 

With OptimizeBI, rest easy knowing your BI tools are optimized to fully support your users.

Resolve Issues Alongside OBIEE Experts

OptimizeBI identifies the root causes of poor performance... then what? What's your plan of action for improving performance?

Luckily, OptimizeBI isn't just a diagnostics tool — it's a direct line to expert consultants who can help you resolve even the toughest performance issues.


Additional OptimizeBI Features

  • Dashboards and reports visualize performance data from a myriad of sources. Metrics from the operating system performance, database performance, and OBIEE performance are all collected and displayed alongside each other.

  • Customizable data sources enable OptimizeBI to pull in nearly any additional metrics you want to capture. 

  • Alerts notify system admins when there’s a performance-related event, such as long running queries, services failure, or spikes in system resources.

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