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Data Governance

Power your business processes with high-quality master data.

Data is a double-edged sword in today’s complex IT landscape. Properly managed data can power incredible results from enterprise performance management and business intelligence. But when organizations struggle to keep an increasing amount of data synchronized with an increasing number of applications, fragmented and inconsistent data can cause serious operational issues. A company’s most valuable data is shared among multiple systems, and managing this master data is beyond a technical challenge — it’s an organizational one.

US-Analytics understands these challenges and provides a framework integrating the people, processes, and technologies necessary for successful master data management (MDM). From MDM assessments to complete, end-to-end implementations, our solutions are designed to consolidate, cleanse, govern, and share key data across the enterprise so that your business and its systems can work off of a single, high-quality master.



Make better decisions based on reliable, relevant data and a holistic view of your business.
Support multiple and / or complex business models.
Solve the enterprise problem of data quality at its source.
Reduce operational burden and human error with automated processes.
Increase the value created by existing and new investments in IT.
Protect sensitive data with masking capabilities.
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