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EPM Integration

Transition seamlessly for a faster ROI.

If your Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system is the frame of the house, your data and metadata are the plumbing and electric. Failure to properly integrate these items typically results in an environment that is difficult or time consuming to manage, applications with errors that are either minor or material, and customers who lack confidence in the EPM system your organization has invested resources and capital in.

The challenges of even the smallest integration project are well documented: bad data, redundant data, incorrect metadata, lack of storage capacity, no staff cooperation, unanticipated costs, lack of visibility. It’s no surprise that people are overwhelmed with integration projects that span terabytes of disparate source systems. With the time and money you invest in your EPM system, it’s critical for your business to seek guidance from professionals with proven expertise in integrating with EPM applications and communicating with individuals in accounting, finance, and IT.

At US-Analytics, we understand that the ROI for your EPM directly depends on a successful integration of metadata and data. Automated, flexible, and audit-friendly are the fundamentals that create the cornerstone for our implementation process. The result of your integration is minimal maintenance and the elimination of hard coding — and with it the elimination of project scope and budget creep. After a professional US-Analytics integration, your organization will enjoy fully customized software that is flexible to your changing business requirements and information you can depend on.



High-performance data and metadata integrations.
Flexible solutions requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.
Scalable and heterogeneous platform support for enterprise data integration.
Customized solutions tailored to the requirements of your organization, if needed.
Integrations that can be manged either by business personnel with technical acumen or IT personnel.
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