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Big Data

Outpace competition with a 360-degree view of your business.

For decades, companies have been reaping the benefits of business intelligence around their transactional enterprise data. The next generation of BI ventures further to explore the vast amounts of non-traditional data generated every day by sensors, equipment logs, email, blogging sites, and social media platforms — data that holds fresh insight into customers, partners, and competitors. Only in the last few years has it become technologically and economically feasible for companies to capture and organize this data.

Deriving real business value from big data requires more than the right technology. How do you deal with the economics of such large data volumes, particularly when you don’t know in advance the value of the information? How do you complement existing investments in relational technologies for the clearest and most complete view of your business? How do you keep time, effort, and cost low — but increase influence?

US-Analytics will help you navigate new territory with a proven agile framework and cost-effective options, including on-premise solutions as well as big data management as a service. Applying best practices from a technical and functional standpoint, we seamlessly integrate big data into your data warehouse environment to uncover hidden relationships and new insights.



Make better decisions based on a more complete, multidimensional view of your business.
Increase agility through real-time monitoring and forecasting of events that impact business performance.
Gain a competitive edge by accessing untapped sources of information and spotting marketing trends early.
Mitigate risk by quickly optimizing reaction to unplanned events.
Leverage all forms of data to identify opportunities and truly optimize performance.
Store data reliably while conducting high-performance data processing in parallel.
Improve product and service offerings with valuable insight into customer needs and satisfaction levels.
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