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Upgrades & Migrations

Take advantage of new functionality and performance enhancements.

Keeping pace with ever-evolving Oracle Hyperion and BI technology can place strain and uncertainty on your legacy platforms and business processes. To take advantage of increasingly sophisticated applications, you have to undergo increasingly complex upgrades and migrations.

With hundreds of upgrades and migrations under our belt, we have them down to a science. The key to a smooth and efficient transition is bringing in the right resources at the right time — a blended team of infrastructure and applications experts working hand in hand. Our certified consultants coordinate hardware, software, and custom applications into a seamless, up-to-date system tailored to your organization’s business objectives.


  • Accelerate time to value and minimize disruption with a turnkey solution
  • Reduce dependency on IT
  • Rely on a seasoned team that thoroughly tests and understands every new release
  • Ensure optimal performance from your upgraded system
  • Bring your people, processes, and technology up to speed
  • Gain a competitive edge with new and improved tools


  • Conduct a planning session to take careful account of your current and desired state
  • Define infrastructure requirements to optimize performance
  • Ensure applications and data are securely backed up
  • Migrate applications and related artifacts to new environments
  • Install, configure, and optimize the new release
  • Provide quality training and mentoring throughout the project to promote knowledge transfer
  • Deliver detailed installation documentation