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We speak to clients every day about their industry-leading Oracle Hyperion business performance management systems. In our conversations, when we mention something to the effect that despite its superior functionality, “Oracle Hyperion is a different kind of beast” or “it is a unique system to manage, requiring specific skills,” we get universal agreement. Ultimately, we hear a soft *sigh* and hear how challenging it is for these companies to keep Hyperion admins on-board or to even find fully-trained professionals. Overwhelmingly the biggest issue:

“Our IT department has insisted on maintaining Hyperion, but they are often over-burdened, and Hyperion is such a complex application that it’s often overlooked.”

Oracle Hyperion Needs Care and Feeding
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Yet Oracle Hyperion, like any other application, needs care and feeding. However, there are some important considerations to take into account first. For example, how many times have you automatically installed updates to your Windows O/S without batting an eye? Or, installed updates for Adobe, iTunes, or your printer? Hyperion needs the same upkeep to its underlying architecture, but, install the wrong patch, or worse yet, ignore the patch, and you’ll be in for a disaster. (Or at the very least, a poorly functioning system.) On top of those troubles, add someone who is overtaxed, inexperienced or simply doesn’t understand the application, and you’re guaranteed to have complaints from your Finance department.

What's a Finance Department to do? What's an IT Department to do?

So, resources are scarce. They are expensive. They are hard to keep around. What’s a Finance Department to do? What’s an IT department to do? Enter Hyperion Remote Managed Services. And I’m not talking about someone remotely off-site waiting for your emergency phone call when all systems are down. Who wants to be under that gun? I’m talking about 24 x 7 monitoring of your system. Regularly scheduled tune-ups to apply patches, check error logs, look at cache to ensure your system won’t have an unexpected crash. A team of dedicated on-shore Oracle Hyperion Professionals that have the breadth and depth of knowledge to ensure optimal performance through weekly scheduled check-ups and monthly, scheduled project-management meetings is comforting and cost effective for both finance and IT. Check it out. It just might be the answer you were looking for.

See if Oracle Hyperion Managed Services is right for you.

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