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Oracle Open World Download: A Best Practices Guide to EPM Implementations | US-Analytics

Nicole Magnoli
May 12, 2017

At Oracle Open World 2014, US-Analytics own Jon Rambeau, Vice President of Delivery, presented on the challenges that EPM implementations present and best practices for these large scale projects. After nearly 25 years as a leader and pioneer in the EPM marketplace, Rambeau has a unique 360-degree perspective as a customer, vendor, and a software executive.

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This presentation illustrates the right way to do EPM, by satisfying both tactical and strategic needs of a company. With a sometimes humorous but always insightful and fresh perspective, Rambeau details a recipe of how to, and how not to, implement successful EPM projects. A series of customer and real-life stories illuminate lessons learned over a quarter of a century.

US-Analytics delivers best practice solutions around Oracle Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Solutions. Our team of CPAs, MBAs, IT, product and process-certified professionals, with hundreds of customer projects, can meet your needs at any time during your company’s project lifecycle.

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