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How to Correctly Submit Service Requests with Oracle EPM

Resolving an Oracle service request may seem like a daunting process, but knowing how to categorize your issues and involving the right individuals can streamline the process and provide you with the quick results you're looking for.

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How to Correctly Submit Service Requests with Oracle EPM

We know how important it can be to resolve issues with your Oracle EPM processes. Your first thought is to submit an Oracle service request, but sometimes getting a resolution isn't always a straightforward process. Fortunately, a well-thought-out service request is key to getting the quick, helpful response you need.

To resolve a service request effectively, your active participation is crucial. A well-formed service request should include a detailed description of the issue or question, troubleshooting actions taken, and the business impact. 

However, resolving large and complex problems reported to Oracle Support may take time. If the service request does not progress quickly enough to meet your implementation or upgrade plans or project milestones, you have some options.

Ensure the Correct Severity Level of your Service Request

You can determine if the severity level of the service request is set correctly as per the categorization specified in Oracle EPM Ccloud Hosting and Delivery Policies. You can also contact the Support Engineer through the service request or call your region's support contact phone number to change it.

  1.  Understand the categorization specified in your organization's hosting and delivery policies.
  2.  Review the severity definitions provided by your Oracle EPM Cloud service provider. 
  3.  Consider the impact of the issue on your business or operations.
  4.  Determine if there is a workaround available for the issue.
  5.  Check if similar issues have been reported before and how they were classified.
  6.  Consult with other team members or stakeholders who may have insights into the issue.
  7.  If you're unsure about how to classify an issue, reach out to your support contact for guidance.
  8.  Regularly review and update your categorization practices as needed based on feedback and experience.
  9.  Be proactive in reporting issues promptly to avoid delays in resolution.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your service requests are categorized correctly, which can lead to faster and more effective resolutions from support teams.


Request Management Attention for Service Requests

When requesting management attention for a service request, it is important to provide detailed information about the issue and its impact on your business operations. This will help Oracle Support to understand the urgency of the request and allocate appropriate resources accordingly. 

Additionally, you should be prepared to work collaboratively with Oracle Global Customer Support management throughout the process, providing updates on any changes in the situation or new information that may arise. By working together in this way, you can help ensure that your service request is resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Requesting management attention helps create an action plan to resolve your issue by allowing Oracle Support to validate and coordinate required resources. However, note that routinely requesting management attention to non-critical issues or overstating the criticality of a service request may result in misunderstandings about future requests' importance or critical impact. Make sure to use this option only in critical situations.

Navigation through the resolution of an Oracle service request might initially appear overwhelming; however, the key to an efficient resolution lies in correctly classifying your concerns and engaging the appropriate experts. By fine-tuning this approach, you can not only expedite the resolution process but also achieve the prompt and effective results you seek.


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