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FCCS Updates (April): Working with Metadata, and More | US-Analytics

Michelle Heath
January 27, 2020

Next week, Oracle will update Financial Close and Consolidation Cloud Service (FCCS). In this blog post, we’ll outline changes, updates, and fixed defects for April.

Every time a cloud update comes up for FCCS, or any other Oracle EPM cloud products, we’ll update it here on the US-Analytics Oracle EPM & BI Blog.

The monthly update for Oracle FCCS will occur on Friday, April 21 during your normal daily maintenance window.

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New EPM Automate Utility Version

A new version of the EPM Automate Utility is available with this update. This version includes the maskData command, which masks all application data to ensure data privacy. You use this command only on test instances to hide sensitive data from users, like application developers, who should not access your business data.

You must install this version of the utility to use the new command. See these sections in Working with EPM Automate for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud:

Single Sign-on Access with NetSuite

You can configure single sign-on (SSO) access between Oracle EPM Cloud and NetSuite. Configuring SSO requires you to configure a SAML 2.0 link between Oracle Cloud and NetSuite.

See Configuring Single Sign-On in Using Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud for information on configuring the SSO process to work with NetSuite.

Activity Report Now Contains Information on Long Running Reports

The Activity Report now includes Financial Reporting report generation activities in the list of activities considered for inclusion in the section titled Top 30 Worst Performing User Interface Actions Over 10 Seconds. The report identifies the long running user action and the corresponding report object to help you fine tune your reports.

New Smart View for Office Version

Smart View for Office will be available in early April 2017. This version will contain new features such as PowerPoint chart support for forms, and a new HsAlias function. It also extends HsDescription function support to PBCS. The Smart View Readme, available from the Oracle Help Center, contains a complete list of new features in this version.

You must install this version to ensure compatibility with the April 2017 update features and to access the new functionalities.

Configurable Translation – Default Translation Settings for the Application

You can now specify default translation settings for the application, including the translation method and rate account.

Changing Financial Reporting Server Values in Financial Reporting Web Studio

Service Administrators can now change the following MBean (Financial Reporting Server settings) values in Financial Reporting Web Studio:

  • MissingValuesAreZeroInFormulas
  • Filter By Security
  • MaximumCalculationIterations

To edit these values in Web Studio, select File, then Preferences, and then the MBeans tab. For more information on these settings, see Designing with Financial Reporting Web Studio for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

Note: This feature is not available for Report Designers.

Displaying the POV Prompt for Reports

When users click or tap Reports on the Home page, a new Prompt for POV check box displays on the Reports list page that affects all reports in the list that have a POV. 

If the Prompt for POV check box is selected, when a report with a POV is launched, a POV member selector window is displayed. If the Prompt for POV check box is cleared (the default), the report launches directly, without displaying the POV member selector window. In this case, the POV members in the report are the most recently used members on the form, or the dimension’s root if there are no most recently used members.

Changing Maintenance Time to Accommodate Daylight Saving Time

In time zones that change based on daylight saving time, the daily maintenance time now accommodates the time change so that the maintenance process starts correctly at the time you set. However, to activate this fix, you must set the service maintenance time again, even if you want to use the current maintenance start time.

Working with Metadata

You should not make metadata changes that result in the following:

  • Changing a base member to which a journal has been posted into a parent member
  • Deleting a member

If there are journals or Supplemental Data posted to those members, these changes can cause problems when accessing Journals or importing existing journals.

When you use ad hoc grids in Smart View with Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud, do not add a root “Period” member on the grid. Make sure the root “Period” member is removed by either clicking “Remove Only” or selecting periods that are in the application and selecting “Keep Only”. If a Period member is left on the grid, then any changes to data that you make will fail to properly set the impact status of the Entities.

A List of Fixed Defects

Defect Number




Posting and unposting journals no longer creates issues with unbalanced journals.




The FX_Total_Noncash Account is now calculated correctly for Negative Cash Accounts.




During a refresh database, parent entities with a “NO DATA” status are now marked as “Impacted” or “SC” based on the entity being added or updated.




After you load data into the Movement dimension and run a consolidation, the data is no longer cleared.


25333490, 25388604


Performance improvements were made in several areas of the Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud workflow in Smart View, including opening report packages and doclets, doclet operations such as checkin and checkout, refresh, and sync.




In Smart View, after a refresh, the alignment and size of embedded charts no longer changes.




The Close button now works when you try to open a form from a task list and the form has an undefined user variable.




The form property Size-to-Fit now works with Internet Explorer 11.




In a simple form, if you change the POV without clicking Go, when you click or tap into a cell to enter data, now you get a confirmation message to alert you that the changed POV isn't committed.




In a dashboard form’s POV, when you select a member that has a comma in its name, then change the POV member, when you reselect the original member, the form and charts are now updated correctly.




Users are now able to enter Polish Alt +<key> characters into text fields on web forms when using Internet Explorer.




If you set the paper size to "legal" for a Financial Reporting book, the books pages print as "legal' in the generated PDF (they no longer revert to "letter").




Financial Reporting books without a POV are displayed regardless of their application. Potentially, books without a POV for other applications are displayed if they are in the system, but those books cannot be executed. For books with a POV, only those books that match the current application are displayed.




In Financial Reporting, text functions or any text in the top-left corner of any report will now show in the report, the book containing the report, and the snapshot report generated from the report.




When scheduling batches, the user authentication process now works correctly as designed.




In Financial Reporting, you can now expand the Member Selection column when you view a report in an HTML preview of a book.




You can now use the Mbean Editor in Financial Reporting Studio to set MissingValuesAreZeroInFormulas to true so that all formulas will work correctly in Financial Reporting reports.


White Paper: Modernize Your Financial Close Process

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