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FCCS Updates (March): Working with Metadata, List of Fixed Defects | US-Analytics

Michelle Heath
January 29, 2020

Wondering what new and improved functionality will be released this month for Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS)?

Every time a cloud update comes up for FCCS, or any other Oracle EPM cloud products, we’ll update it here on the US-Analytics Oracle EPM & BI Blog.

The monthly update for Oracle FCCS will occur on Friday, March 17 during your normal daily maintenance window.

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New EPM Automate Utility Version

In this update, you’ll find that a new version of the EPM Automate Utility is available. In this version, the replay command has been enhanced to support the replay of Financial Reporting launch loads on a service instance. This will enable performance testing under heavy load to verify that the user experience is acceptable when the service is under the specified load.

To use the new command, you have to install the new version of the utility. The installation instructions are available in the Oracle Help Center: Installing the Utility. The instructions to run commands are also available in the Oracle Help Center: Command Reference.

Activity Report Now Includes Smart View Version Information

The Application Activity Report, which presents information on application usage, was enhanced to include information on versions of Oracle Smart View that are used to access the application. The report lists Smart View versions older than as Unknown Version. This enhancement allows users, specifically Service Administrators, to ensure that they are using the newest version of Smart View that incorporates the new features and bug fixes.

Translated Help and Guides Now Available

The online help and guides are now translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. You can see the translated guides on the FCCS Help Center’s Translated Books tab. Please note that the translated documentation covers all features up to December 9, 2016, except for Working with Smart View for Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, which covers features up to October 6, 2016.

Account Member Property Exchange Rate Type

Users can now change the Exchange Rate property on a pre-seeded shared member, such as FCCS_Common Stock. Previously, the Exchange Rate property was read-only for pre-seeded members.

Working with Metadata

Oracle advises you take note of the following considerations:

  • The Replace Export option will replace all data for the combination of scenario, year, period, entity, and data source member. Make sure that users with the Power User role have access to all data for the combination of these dimensions for which they are loading data.
  • You should not make metadata changes that result in the following:
  • Making a base member to whom a journal has been posted a parent member
  • Deleting a member

If there are journals or supplemental data posted to those members, these changes can cause problems when accessing journals or importing existing journals.

  • When you use ad hoc grids in Smart View with FCCS, do not add a root Period member on the grid. Make sure the root Period member is removed by either clicking Remove Only or selecting periods that are in the application and selecting Keep Only. If a Period member is left on the grid, then any changes to data that you make will fail to properly set the impact status of the Entities.

A List of Fixed Defects

Defect Number



The Close Manager Reassignment Request window has been enlarged to display all fields correctly.


You no longer receive the JBO-25303 error when importing a task template to Close Manager.


In Smart View, you can now submit data from forms or ad hoc grids that contain Dynamic Time Series members.


In Financial Reporting, the MemberProperty text function now works when used with UDA in a text box.


In Financial Reporting, the Point of View is now longer misaligned when running a report.


When running a Financial Reporting book, all dimensions in the Point of View are now displayed correctly.


When a Financial Reporting report has related content selected and the report is put into a book, the Point of View is now correctly used if the book is run again.


Images are now correctly aligned in the HTML for Financial Reports.


The MemberProperty text function now works when used with UDA in a text box.


When renaming a form, you must give it a unique name.


Forms no longer display dimension member root aliases in place of formula labels on formula rows.

22934579/ 25102686

Imports using Migration now correctly set hierarchy types for dimensions.


Artifacts migration now complete without errors as a part of daily service maintenance.


The FX calculation in the Movement dimension is now processed correctly when currency overrides are used.


You are now able to use Migration to create a Data Management backup.

25410048/ 25312113/ 25431378/ 25591593

The service now correctly migrates artifacts to create application snapshots.

Video: Take a Tour of FCCS

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