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Fixing Oracle BI Performance Issues: A Non-Technical Guide

Nearly all Oracle BI customers we speak with have noticeable performance issues. Business users complain about having to wait too long for their reports, and developers are at a loss as to what their options are. And, no one wants to spend time tuning an environment instead of implementing direct business requirements. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or quick-fixes to improving the performance of an Oracle BI environment. Normal approaches involve either outsourcing the efforts to a consultancy or attempting to wade through the difficult process on your own. While both options initially seem fine, they’re not maintainable.

The Issue with Resolving Performance Issues

The basic process to resolving performance issues — collecting meaningful metrics, investigating collected metrics, and implementing fixes — is a deceivingly difficult one. It requires skillsets from multiple technologies as well as domain knowledge, especially in the case of Oracle BI products (like OAC and OBIEE). Developers with these skillsets are hard to come by, and their efforts are often better spent elsewhere instead of digging around the logs or tweaking configurations.

Plus, these efforts are only temporary. Assigning a task force to deal with the performance issues is a common approach, and once performance becomes “good enough,” they return to their previously assigned duties. But performance isn’t a one-and-done thing. It will always be a constant maintenance factor in your environments. As your business requirements and technologies evolve, your performance will change as well; sometimes for the better, but usually for the worse. To effectively manage performance, the approach must be a permanent solution.

A Tool to Help

OptimizeBI does everything you’re looking for – first of all, we’ve done all the hard work for you. OptimizeBI compartmentalizes the huge amount of knowledge required to effectively troubleshoot performance issues into the tool itself. The collective experience of the experts at US-Analytics and Rittman Mead America is at the ready for your developers, enabling them to fix performance issues with incredible efficiency.

OptimizeBI is also a standalone application – always available for your developers and administrators. This isn’t a solution for a temporary fix, it’s a solution to permanently ensure your environment is behaving in the most efficient and optimized way possible.

But the best part is OptimizeBI is available for a fraction of a cost of the aforementioned approaches. In fact, for what it would cost for just two weeks of performance consulting, OptimizeBI could be available for 12 months. A full year of assisting users in identifying performance issues, suggesting potential solutions, and delivering notifications for scenarios requiring immediate attention.

It's more affordable, available year-round, and makes fixing performance issues easier than ever.

What if you still have someone to help you with your performance issues? A huge amount of time in performance investigations is just figuring out what is the problem. Even in this capacity, OptimizeBI can save valuable time by finding these answers immediately. OptimizeBI allows these engagements to start off on the right foot and go straight to fixing the problem.

Want to see how OptimizeBI can help you maintain perfect performance year-round? Contact us for a demonstration.

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