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Many Organizations are taking steps towards becoming more “Data-Driven”. If you are running OBIEE 11g or OBIEE 12c, it may be time to upgrade. There are some obvious technical reasons to upgrade and some competitive reasons.

The obvious reasons are:

  • OBIEE 11g support and error correction ended in Dec ‘18. Extended support ends Dec ‘21
  • OBIEE 12c support and error correction has ended for all versions except Windows Server 2012 R2 mainstream support ended January 9, 2018, and end of life will be January 2023.

There are competitive advantages to having a “Modern Information Architecture.” From a workload perspective a Modern Information Architecture enables organizations to “Work Smarter, not Harder.” To be more competitive, many organizations are consolidating tasks and maximizing related efforts to reduces overall cost.  Most organizations understand that in order to maximize the potential of ”data as an asset”, there is need to harness the power of advanced analytics. To have the opportunity to achieve advance analytics many organizations need to modernize Information Architecture. We define “Information Architecture” as how information flows throughout the whole organization: it's interested in where the data comes from, why and how data transforms into information.

Here are characteristics of a “Modernize Information Architecture”

  • Its data centric, and supports the diversity of where data comes from and how its used.
  • Has the ability to blend Data at rest (from the warehouse or data lake) and data on the move (from live data sources)
  • Ease of deployment
  • Ease of management

To summarize, its all about the Data and COO (cost of ownership). This is why the focus is on how do we maximize our data analytics and what does it take to sustain the infrastructure.

Why upgrade to Oracle Analytics OAS/OAC:

  • Blends Classic Analytics with Modern Analytics
  • Self-Serve
  • Predictive and Augmented Analytics
  • Auto recommended Data Enrichment
  • Anomaly detection
  • Highly Interactive Dashboards and Visuals
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Mobile Day by Day
  • Automatic updates (OAC)
  • Automatic backups (OAC)
  • Regular new features released (OAC)
  • Clear paths to upgrade (“In-Place” or “Out-Of-Place”), based on where you are today
  • Its ”Free!!”, if you are already and OBIEE user and current on your maintenance and support you can upgrade with no additional costs. (OAS)

If you want to truly understand the cloud and its many facets, check out this free eBook

If you are not ready to move to the cloud you can upgrade and remain on premises with your hardware. Here are some reasons why customers are choosing to move to the cloud:

  • No more updates, Oracle will manager the updates for you
  • No more backups, Oracle will manage the backups for yo. (You can take snapshots whenever you like)
  • Frequent software enhancements
  • Access to many features not available on-premises

Here are some reasons why organizations are remaining on premises and using OAS:

  • Lack of budget for the one-time cost of migrating to the cloud
  • Cloud licensing cost exceed the Organization’s current on-premises hardware maintenance agreement costs
  • There are internal policy directions and/or regulatory constraints the prohibit moving to the cloud.

According to a recent McKinsey survey, ”fewer than 20 percent of organizations have maximized the potential and achieved AA (Advanced Analytics) at scale.”

“Data and analytics are already shaking up multiple industries, and the effects will only become more pronounced as adoption reaches critical mass—and as machines gain unprecedented capabilities to solve problems and understand language. Organizations that can harness these capabilities effectively will be able to create significant value and differentiate themselves, while others will find themselves increasingly at a disadvantage.”

Upgrading to OAS/OAC is an early step along the way of moving an organization towards being “Data Driven."

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