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HFM Administrator Tips and Tricks, Part 2: Month-End Activities

We're back again for the second post in a three-part series on maintaining your HFM application with tips and techniques you should employ:

  1. Prior to month-end close
  2. During month-end close
  3. After month-end close

If you missed the first post, check it out here: HFM Administrator Tips and Tricks, Part 1: Pre-Close Activities.

During Month-End Close

The month-end close period for an HFM administrator is usually associated with long hours supporting the close process and assisting with financial system user issues. (These pains are typically amplified during a quarter-end or year-end close.)

The tips in this white paper are not a cure-all for every problem that an administrator might encounter, but it’s a collection of common month-end activities compiled by our own staff (both administrators and consultants) that have worked at organizations of all sizes. The following is a sample of three month-end activities you should complete during close. 

Step 1: Avoid ERP system delays

Admins know that quite often the HFM close is affected by how the close is going in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Delays and issues in the ERP application trickle down to HFM, which typically means long hours and days supporting the close.

To avoid these delays, you should establish blackout period in which no new metadata is created. To learn more about establishing a blackout period, download the white paper

Step 2: Know how a user issue occurred

Since HFM is such a unique tool to your organization, there aren't too many common errors found across HFM applications. Even if the mistakes are obvious, you should still know how the user got there. This can help you figure out if there are processes a user didn't follow correctly, which can save you time in the future.

Step 3: Document user issues and resolutions

When you find out how these user issues occurred, you should document the issue and how it was resolved. This way, when the issue reoccurs, you'll be prepared with a starting point for solving the error. You can add this to a well-documented administrator's guide to provide a quick reference for these issues and resolutions.

We know the day-to-day life of an admin — and these month-end activities are meant to lessen pain points, increase efficiency, and reduce errors.

For more month-end close tips, download the white paper...


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