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US-GeoMarket Files U.S. Patent for New Visual Data Discovery Technology | US-Analytics

Michelle Heath
May 12, 2017

US-GeoMarket’s new software, Geo-Discover, combines Esri, the market leader in geographic information system technology, and Qlik, the industry leader in data discovery. With the power of Qlik and Esri, US-GeoMarket offers best-in-class solutions to visualize and interpret large amounts of geospatial data to make highly informed business decisions. See how rapidly these solutions are built in this YouTube video, How to Build an Esri Map in Qlik in Less Than 5.

With Geo-Discover companies can gain insights faster by combining external location analytics on top of their own data. US-GeoMarket’s advanced technology combines operational data with thousands of locational data sets to uncover patterns and solve problems. The Geo-Discover solution exposes risks, patterns, trends, while linking data better and faster — allowing businesses to visually harness information to achieve faster results.

“An analyst who manages assets, claims, or risk exposure would have a system that allows them to touch a map layer of yesterday’s storm and instantly know which properties were affected,” says Scott Preszler, CEO of the US-Analytics companies.

“They can see what the risk potential or dollar value was in pictures and graphs. This same action then filters the affected properties or clients down to make an actionable call or email to support them in seconds. That is only one of many ways our technology is used,” Preszler says.

US-GeoMarket’s Geo-Discover software is sold direct and through a growing world-wide VAR reseller channel to  provide impactful big data analytic solutions for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Natural disaster risk analysis
  • Supply chain process improvement
  • Geographic sales forecasting
  • Asset location analysis and management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site selection optimization
  • Customer location analysis 
About US-GeoMarket

US-GeoMarket is a division of veteran analytics provider US-Analytics, a leader in visual analytic solutions that drive business decision making and innovation. US-GeoMarket’s goal is to develop or deliver state-of-the-art geospatial analytics, creating market advantages for today’s world of big data sets and visually instructive systems for companies, governments, and other organizations.


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