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Don’t forget your Email Archive

For many organizations it’s no longer a question of ‘should I move to the Cloud’ as the benefits are clear; whether it's to enable your employees to work from anywhere, to improve collaboration or to enhance your business resilience. The question you should now be asking yourself is ‘what should I migrate’.

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Don’t forget your email archive!

There are many benefits to migrating to the Cloud, but these can only be fully realized if you include your email archive in the migration. We’ve broken the benefits down into four key areas that are relevant to any business.

  • Financial benefits – There is real potential to save costs when migrating your archives to the Cloud. License, infrastructure and maintenance costs will be saved from no longer having to maintain a separate archive solution. With the Cloud, you also save admin costs by centralizing your data and of course with SaaS you only pay for what you use!
  • Technical benefits – Moving to the Cloud reduces the number of systems you’ll need to manage from a technical perspective, enabling you to manage both your emails and archives in one place. It’ll also provide you with the ever-growing security capabilities within the Cloud to protect your email archives.
  • Operational benefits – With all your email and archive data in a single place, such as #Microsoft365, your teams will be able to access all their email data from anywhere. It also enables you to quickly and easily perform eDiscovery should the need arise.
  • Risk management – Many businesses make the move to the Cloud for compliance and business resilience reasons. The Cloud offers high availability for improved business continuity and with ever-growing data legislation, platforms such as #Microsoft365, offer automated checks to support compliance of archived data.

We understand the importance of moving all your data as part of a Cloud migration, including your email archives. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in migrating email archives in complex global environments using world-leading migration software with our Partner #TransVault.

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