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Communication & Microsoft 365

Never before has effective communication and collaboration been so critical for business success. Organizations all over the world have been forced to enable remote working, at a scale they probably haven’t experienced before.

With a disparate workforce, communication and the tools you use to enable your teams to collaborate need to become the beating heart of your business. This is where #Microsoft365 comes in. Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform and one that when used to its full potential, can dramatically improve communication and collaboration.

However, if you’re not already using Microsoft 365, migrating your critical communication workloads such as your email archives can seem a daunting task. The sheer scale and complexity of the project is often enough to put you off and many organizations often perceive the disruption to the business is not worth the move.

Consider this though, what are the costs of not moving your email archives to Microsoft 365?

With email archives, many businesses have legacy archive solutions with minimal understanding about how to manage and maintain both the system and the data, putting an ongoing burden on the business. It's not only license, infrastructure and maintenance costs you’ll need to consider - Retaining this critical data in a separate system can significantly impact on your teams ability to easily access this data once they have migrated to Microsoft365, slowing down their ability to communicate effectively. 

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here at US Analytics, we’re highly experienced in migrating email archives to #Microsoft365. With our expertise and world-leading software from #Transvault, we’ll deliver a successful migration outcome with minimal impact on your team so that you can quickly experience the communication benefits of #Microsoft365.

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