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Cloud updates occur frequently, and it can be hard for Oracle cloud users to keep up. Or, if you’re a prospective cloud customer, maybe you’re waiting to see if a certain function is now available in a particular cloud product. Every time a cloud update comes up for Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) or any other Oracle EPM cloud product, we’ll update it here on the US-Analytics Oracle EPM & BI Blog.

The monthly update for ARCS will occur on Friday, March 17 during your normal daily maintenance window.

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New Transaction Matching Module

Transaction Matching is the latest addition to ARCS, complementing the existing Reconciliation Compliance feature set. With Transaction Matching, companies can automate preparation of high-volume or labor-intensive reconciliations and seamlessly integrate those results into the tracking features within Reconciliation Compliance. This new module will save companies additional time on performing reconciliations while improving quality and reducing risk.

Once an Administrator carries out the necessary steps to create the reconciliations, users will be able to load data, run the auto match process, confirm suggested matches, create manual matches, and run balancing reports.

Service and User Activity Reports Are Now Available

A Service Administrator can now view and download a service activity report and a user activity report through the Console in Reconciliation Compliance. The Service Activity report provides detailed information on the number of users accessing the service by date, the resources that users accessed, duration of user activity, and the action that users performed in the service. The User Login report lists the users that logged in, the IP addresses from which they connected, as well as the date and time. Both reports are generated each day during the daily maintenance time and can be downloaded as a CSV file. Using EPM Automate, a Service Administrator can automate the download of these reports. Both activity reports include information about both Reconciliation Compliance and Transaction Matching modules.

Require Entire Load Transactions File to Be Error-Free

If a transaction import file contains one or more errors, the entire file is not processed in order to protect the integrity of data in Transaction Matching. Instead, errors are logged so that users can fix the errors and resubmit.

New EPM Automate Utility Version

No matter what EPM cloud application you have, in this update you’ll find that a new version of the EPM Automate Utility is available. In this version, the replay command has been enhanced to support the replay of Financial Reporting launch loads on a service instance. This will enable performance testing under heavy load to verify that the user experience is acceptable when the service is under the specified load.

To use the new command, you have to install this new version of the utility. The installation instructions are available in the Oracle Help Center: Installing the Utility. The instructions to run commands are also available in the Oracle Help Center: Command Reference.

Fixed Defects

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Reconciliation Items tab now displays all attributes added.

eBook: The Complete Guide to Account Reconciliations

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