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The answer is, of course, it depends.

Because Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) is a pre-built application with powerful features like Hyperion Planning, Smart View, Financial Reports, Predictive Planning, Financial Data Management, and Essbase (ASO) Reporting Cubes that come out-of-the box, it is tempting to expect a lightning-fast implementation.

Just like building a house, neglecting a methodical and carefully prepared approach while hiring unskilled contractors can save money in the short run but end up costing significantly more in the long term. A fast PBCS implementation in comparison to traditional on-premise deployments is expected, but remember — quality should trump speed. 

Pick the Right Package

The major pitfall to avoid is a PBCS package that lacks customization. A generic, one-size-fits-all package may be faster to deploy, but consider the added time and cost of fixing a failed implementation.

Here are some of the issues we've seen when cleaning up after failed PBCS projects:

  • Few of the forms created are actually in use.
  • Those forms that are in use have been created with inefficient designs resulting in load times 200% longer than necessary.
  • Data in PBCS does not properly tie to GL detail data or reports.
  • Few business rules have been created.
  • Those business rules that have been created are rudimentary aggregations or data copies.
  • Existing Excel models meant for replacement end up being incorporated into the model instead of replaced with Planning forms.
  • Currency conversion functionality is missing completely.
  • Accounts are built at the wrong level for proper input by users (i.e., users plan at the Account level, but the dimension was built at the sub-account level to avoid data mapping).

Get a Rapid Return — Without Sacrificing Results

You don’t have to choose between speed and quality. A successful PBCS implementation combines an efficient approach with attention to your organization's needs and expectations.

Following an agile methodology to give rapid return on investment, PBCS Pro by US-Analytics is an accelerated deployment customized for organizations. Features include the following:

  • Dimensionality
    • Account (custom)
    • Entity (custom)
    • Period
    • Year
    • Scenario
    • Version
    • One custom dimension
  • Modeling
    • P&L planning & forecasting
    • Targeting setting
    • Monthly plan & forecast entry
    • Consolidation
  • Multiple data sources
  • Business rules
  • Custom data forms
  • Custom Hyperion and Smart View Reports
  • Training & documentation
  • Post-production support

These out-of-the-box features can typically be deployed within 8–12 weeks. If your environment requires specific customizations, be aware of these enhancements that can add some extra time to an implementation:

  • Currency conversion with multiple local and reporting currencies
  • Cash flow budgeting and reporting
  • Additional dimensionality requirements
  • Additional reporting needs
  • Additional data sources
  • Additional web forms and input templates
  • ASO extension for large dimensionality

No matter the implementation time, Oracle PBCS saves significant time overall by reducing planning cycles, eliminating errors associated with Excel, and centralizing data. Oracle Hyperion customers report an average of 27 days saved in the annual plan, 27% fewer iterations of the plan, and 23% less time aggregating data.



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