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OAC Updates (Jan 2019): Data Visualization, Aggregate Views & More

Oracle has released the latest features for the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) platform this month with release 105.10. There are new features across the platform including snapshot enhancement in Service Management, new gallery templates and aggregate views in Essbase, and more.

Read the blog post below for details on the new features. 

Video: OAC Features Demo

Service Management

Product Name Changes

Oracle Analytics Cloud: Name used for deployments on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, previously known as Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic: Name used for deployments on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic, previously known as Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Quick Start Deployment

Create trial instances faster. Set up OAC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic with a single click.

Multiple Identity Domains

Oracle Identity Cloud Service supports multiple identity domains. When you set up OAC, you’re asked which identity domain one you want to use, if more than one is available in your environment.

Migrate OAC Environments

Migrate content easily between OAC environments using snapshots. It doesn’t matter whether OAC is deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic.

Migrate from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g

Additional menu options in the Console make migration easier. You can download a utility that exports content from OBIEE 11g to a migration bundle (JAR file). After exporting your content, you can upload the migration bundle to OAC using the Console.

Snapshot Enhancements

You can capture much more when you take a snapshot. You can take a snapshot of your entire environment or specify content that you want to back up or migrate (custom). Similar options are available on restore, improving your backup, restore, and migration experience.

Data File Migration Utility

This utility moves data files from one OAC environment to another. Sometimes, connection issues between the source and target environment can interrupt data file migration during snapshot restore. This utility offers you an alternative way to move your data files.

Advanced Service-level Configuration

You can set configuration options required for advanced use cases through the Console.


Data Visualization (DV)

Autonomous Data Warehouse Connection Enhancements

You can more easily create a connection to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse because key connection details are pre-populated from the selected client credentials zip file.

Autonomous Transaction Processing Connections

You can create connections to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing.


Essbase — Release

Calculation Tuples

By selecting tuples, you can focus your calculations in the active Smart View grid, limiting their scope to specific slices of data in your cube. Tuple selection helps you optimize asymmetric grid calculations across dimensions, avoiding over-calculation.

Ancestor Position

You can specify the ancestor position for hierarchies in ad hoc grids in Smart View, if you set the SSANCESTORONTOP configuration parameter in Essbase to TRUE. By default, this parameter isn't enabled, and the ancestor is positioned at the bottom. To enable it, see SSANCESTORONTOP in Technical Reference for Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase.

New Gallery Templates

In the Files catalog, new gallery templates are available:

  • Solve Order Performance — Technical cube comparing query performance using dynamic calculations versus using stored members and a calculation script.

  • Flip Sign — Technical cube demonstrating how to flip signs of data values during a data load to meet reporting requirements.

  • RFM Analysis — Marketing application demonstrating how to identify the most profitable customers based on metrics.

  • Currency Triangulation — Utility cube that uses a calculation script to triangulate currencies.

  • Consolidation Eliminations — Financial analysis application demonstrating how to identify and eliminate balances between two companies.

  • Organization Restatements — Financial analysis application demonstrating how to restate expenses after an organizational change.

  • CalcTuple Tuple — Technical cube showing how to optimize asymmetric grid calculations across dimensions.

  • Sample Dynamic Basic — Updated version of Sample Basic, configured in hybrid mode to efficiently calculate stored members that depend on dynamic members. Sample Basic is a cube that is commonly referenced in Essbasedocumentation.

Aggregate Views

You can create aggregation views to be generated automatically, according to dimension structure in an outline for an aggregate storage application.

Multi-cell Drill Through

You can select multiple cells or multiple ranges of cells, and see the merged results in drill through.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Connection and Data Source

In the Essbase web interface, you can create a connection and Datasource to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse using the Oracle Database type connection and Datasource. You can also upload the wallet files required for connecting to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.


Pixel-Perfect Reporting

POV Parameter in an MDX Query

View an Essbase cube and filter data for reports. 

Snapshot Includes Pixel-Perfect Reporting

Migrate the credentials, configurations, and scheduled jobs of pixel-perfect reporting from one environment to another. For custom migration, select the Jobs option if you want to migrate the scheduled pixel-perfect report jobs.


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