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Oracle Analytics Cloud Updates (January 2019): Snapshot Enhancements, New Gallery Templates, Aggregate Views & More

Oracle has released the latest features for the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) platform this month with release 105.10. There are new features across the platform including snapshot enhancement in Service Management, new gallery templates and aggregate views in Essbase, and more.

Read the blog post below for details on the new features. 

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Self-Service Data Transformation: Getting In-Depth with Oracle Data Flow

In part one, I talked about the common concepts and goals that Tableau Prep and Oracle Data Flow share. In part two, I looked at a brief overview of both tools and took an in-depth look at Tableau Prep.

In this third post, let's dive deeper into Oracle Data Flow.

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Self-Service Data Transformation: Getting In-Depth with Tableau Prep

In part one of this series, I shared an overview of the common concepts that Tableau Prep and Oracle Data Flow share as well as a brief look at the tools themselves. In part two, I want to take a more in-depth look at Tableau Prep and share my experiences using it.

In my first example, I have three spreadsheets containing data collected from every World Cup Match from 1930 to 2014. One contains detailed information about each match individually.

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Self-Service Data Transformation: Intro to Oracle Data Flow & Tableau Prep

In the world of self-service analytics, Tableau and Oracle Data Visualization are two tools that are often put on the same discussion platform. In the last year, the conversations surrounding these two tools have increased dramatically — with most of our clients using self-service analytics. In this blog, I am not going to do a comparison rundown between Tableau and Oracle DV. What I do want to show you is two similar tools which introduce exciting new possibilities: Tableau Prep and Oracle Data Flow.

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What’s New in Oracle Data Visualization? (Update on V4 Desktop Version)

The recent release of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) V4 comes with many changes to Oracle Data Visualization (DV) Desktop version.  The latest version of DV expands upon the current features — visual data storytelling, end user self-service, and mobile accessibility — to give you an even better user experience.

In this blog post we’ll give you an overview of several new features made to…

  • Your Homepage
  • Data actions
  • The storytelling interface
  • Data flows

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