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Kscope19: The EPM & BI Sessions You Can't Miss

It's that time again — time to start planning for another ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference. This year, the best EPM and BI sessions will be presented in Seattle at the Washington State Convention center.

Kscope19 will host hundreds of sessions within 11 different tracks, including EPM Reporting, BI Analytics, and Data Visualization; and Big Data & Data Warehousing. You won’t want to miss two amazing sessions by our Oracle ACE Associate Becky Wagner, as well as a tutorial session by one of our PBCS gurus, Angela Wilcox (more info below). 

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Oracle Analytics Cloud Updates (January 2019): Snapshot Enhancements, New Gallery Templates, Aggregate Views & More

Oracle has released the latest features for the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) platform this month with release 105.10. There are new features across the platform including snapshot enhancement in Service Management, new gallery templates and aggregate views in Essbase, and more.

Read the blog post below for details on the new features. 

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5 OpenWorld Takeaways for EPM & BI

If you didn’t make it to OpenWorld this year, we’ve got you covered with the key takeaways from the EPM and BI sessions.

In this blog post, we’ll first look at the EPM highlights, including…

  • An updated roadmap for on-prem EPM Hyperion solutions
  • Moving from Hyperion to the Oracle EPM Cloud

Then we’ll talk about BI highlights, including…

  • Getting started with OAC
  • OAC Essbase Capabilities and Roadmap
  • Active Directory & Single Sign-On with OAC
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Essbase: The Cloud vs. On-Prem

Finance and budgeting teams have long been fans of Essbase — being able to store aggregated values gives users the flexibility to efficiently report and run scenarios. So, when we talk about Essbase, Hyperion Planning is often part of the conversation, too.

But, is Essbase in the cloud going to change the way we talk about and consider Essbase? In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the major differences between on-prem and cloud-based Essbase, and how having this tool in the cloud can help your organization in ways you may not have considered yet.

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Discoverer Migration to OBIEE: 3 Methods You Can Use

Posted by Nicholas Padgett   |   Business Intelligence,   |   OBIEE,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud,   |   AccelerateBI

Is your organization still using Oracle Discoverer? By now, you’re probably aware of the end of extended support for Discoverer, and that we are well outside the extended support window. You could still be using Discoverer for several reasons, but the fact remains, having your business rely on a tool which is no longer supported is expensive, risky, and dangerous.

The Discoverer migration paths aren’t exactly clear, though. Luckily, there’s an upgrade path to Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) or Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) that is simple, fast, and affordable. If this sounds like exactly what you need, then feel free to skip down to the bottom. For those of you not convinced of the importance of migration, read on...

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How to Connect Power BI to OBIEE

Posted by Nicholas Padgett   |   Business Intelligence,   |   OBIEE,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud,   |   UnifyBI,   |   Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a powerful and popular self-service BI application. It allows reports to be developed at an incredible pace without compromising visualization flexibility or design, in addition to being many times more affordable than traditional Enterprise BI applications.

However, as great as Power BI is, it suffers from some of the same problems that all self-service BI applications do. Chief among them is the accuracy and security of the reporting data. Lucky for us, we still use our Enterprise BI application, which guarantees accuracy and security through a governed data warehouse. Leveraging our Enterprise BI application as a data source, while developing reports with Power BI, we can create a secure, accurate, and reliable workflow.

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Three Methods for Restarting OAC

In this blog post, I’ll go through three different methods for restarting Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), including the uses cases and tutorials for each.

The steps in my previous two-minute tutorial — Opening Ports for OAC – EM Browser Access and RPD Admin Tool Access — are prerequisites for the tutorials below.

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Opening Ports for OAC - EM Browser Access and RPD Admin Tool Access [Two Minute Tutorial]

Posted by Becky Wagner   |   Business Intelligence,   |   OBIEE,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud

In this two-minute tutorial, I’ll show you how to open a port for Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) to get EM browser access as well as access to the RPD admin tool.

The steps in this tutorial are necessary for the subject of my upcoming blog post — three different methods for restarting OAC.

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Two Minute Tutorial: How to Access the OAC RPD

Posted by Becky Wagner   |   Business Intelligence,   |   OBIEE,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud

In this two-minute tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to access the OAC RPD in two methods…

  • Accessing it through the Admin Tool
  • SSH into the server
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Tutorial: Updating Connection Pools in OAC & OBIEE 12c

Posted by Kevin Jacox   |   Business Intelligence,   |   OBIEE,   |   Oracle Analytics Cloud

I recently ran into an interesting issue with a client — each RPD connected to different databases based on the environment (Dev, Test and Production). Due to the client’s security policy, OBIEE developers were not permitted to have the passwords for the data sources.

To migrate the RPD, a member of the DBA team must be contacted to input the passwords for the connection pools. At times, a DBA with available bandwidth can be difficult to locate (even for a few minutes), and the existing ticketing system does not lend itself to “on the fly” RPD promotions (such as Dev to Test).

If only we had a way to apply connection pools to the RPD while keeping the connection pool information secure…

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