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Navigating The New Normal: On-Prem Hyperion EPM During Coronavirus

Efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 include an ever-growing list of companies instructing teams to work remotely. These important decisions were made rapidly and didn’t allow for the extensive planning and testing that would otherwise accompany a change of this magnitude and at this speed. For IT organizations, the sudden shift from an overwhelmingly local user population to one that is entirely remote is accompanied by new support issues.

One source of these issues is the change in the network landscape for a remote population. When users are onsite, they are directly connected to the corporate high-speed local area network (LAN), which means that performance is highly consistent across users and the network tier can be tuned end-to-end, which benefits all users. Neither of these is true for remote users, which increases the importance of tuning and optimization at other tiers to maximize performance and reduce client-side errors.

The good news is that tuning can be applied at multiple layers, with multiple tuning and optimization options available at each layer. With so many levers to be pulled and dials to be turned, it’s challenging to know which ones are likely to have a significant positive impact. Additionally, the tuning options available depend on the release and patch set of the products in your environment. Finally, it is critical to understand how different parameters at different tiers interact to drive overall performance.

This is a uniquely challenging time in history, marked by uncertainty and significant, rapid changes in nearly all areas of life. When employees accustomed to working onsite are suddenly directed to work from home, there are many potential barriers to efficiency; the highly experienced infrastructure team at US-Analytics can ensure Oracle Hyperion performance isn’t one of them. With decades of experience and hundreds of successful projects, our consultants will methodically evaluate your environment and determine what needs to be tuned to optimize the experience of your remote users. We know there are urgent needs in this unprecedented time, and we will bring our resources to bear quickly.

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