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PBCS & EPBCS Updates ( March 2018): New Job Type, Support for Infolets

The March updates for Oracle's Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) are here. This blog post outlines several new features for both applications.

The monthly update for PBCS and EPBCS will occur on Friday, March 16 during your normal daily maintenance window.

Video Tutorial: The Simplified Interface in PBCS

Updates for PBCS

Script to Generate Provisioned Users Audit Report

A script is now available to automate the process of creating an audit report for provisioned users. This report shows the users and associated roles or groups that changed since the last time the report was generated.

Support for Infolets and Infolet Integration with Navigation Flows

Infolets, a new dashboard capability to enable data visualization, are now available in Planning and Budgeting and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting services. Infolets enable Service Administrators to provide enhanced graphical data presentation using charts and texts. Service Administrators can create infolets for any cube.

Infolets are interactive and use progressive disclosure to display high-level, aggregated, essential information for quick consumption at a glance. Users can act upon the information in the infolets as needed. They can be flipped and resized to display up to three charts or sets of values.

Smart View Support for Integrated Business Process Navigation Flows

Smart View now supports integrated business process navigation flows. Using integrated business process navigation flows, Service Administrators can configure shared connections that enable Smart View users to navigate across any combination of the supported EPM Cloud subscriptions.

New Schedulable Job Type: Optimize Aggregation

The new Optimize Aggregation job generates optimized views based on collected query tracking information in an aggregated storage cube. This job has two actions:

  • Enable Query Tracking
  • Execute Aggregation Process

New Server Setting in Financial Web Studio

A new property has been added to the Server Settings in Financial Reporting Web Studio. The "Maximum Number of Page Members For Excel Report" property allows you to specify the maximum number of page dimension members that can be exported to Microsoft Excel. The default value for this property is 100.

Standard Interface Support Removed

As notified through earlier Cloud Readiness documents, starting with the 17.12 update, the Standard Interface, which is also known as the Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Workspace, is no longer supported. Issues reported for the Standard Interface will no longer be addressed. This change affects only Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service customers who activated their subscriptions on or before July 31, 2016. All these customers are expected to have a transition plan for their users to use the Simplified Interface.

Removal of Support

Classic Dimension Editor

With the February 2018 (18.02) update, the Dimensions link in the Navigator will link to the Simplified Dimension Editor. Effective February 2018 (February 2, 2018 for test and February 16, 2018 for production environments), the Simplified Dimension Editor will be the only interface available to edit and manage dimensions.

Financial Reporting Studio Desktop Client

Oracle is committed to providing a simple and intuitive user experience. To achieve this, Financial Reporting Web Studio, available since March 2016, will become the only environment for designing and building reports.

Oracle is providing additional time for users to transition from Financial Reporting Desktop Studio to Financial Reporting Web Studio. Tentative plans call for functional parity between Financial Reporting Web Studio and Financial Reporting Desktop Studio in late 2017, at which time, support for the Desktop Studio will transition to the Web Studio and distribution of the Desktop Studio will cease.

Oracle recommends that you transition to using Financial Reporting Web Studio at the earliest opportunity. Please send questions and concerns to Oracle using the Provide Feedback option in the service

To learn more about the simplified interface vs. workspace, watch the webinar replay... 


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