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Resources for Hyperion Planning Admin: Top 5 Tools, Tips, and Tricks

As a Hyperion Planning admin, you have a lot on your plate — supporting users, gathering financial reports, completing scheduled tasks, and much more. With so much expected from you, it helps to have several tools in your back pocket. 

In this blog post, we'll cover the top five resources for Hyperion Planning administrators that will hopefully help simplify your life and make your day go smoother. 

1. Hyperion Admin Checklist: Preparing for Budget Season

We know that the Hyperion admin's job is hectic and demanding with round-the-clock hours. This is why we frequently create tools to help make your life easier. With the Hyperion Admin Checklist, you're able to check off those integral tasks that must be completed before your next budget cycle. Nothing is forgotten when you have a checklist for tasks like...

  • Reviewing and updating calc scripts and business rules
  • Updating filters in ETL
  • Running data loads
  • Creating new reports
  • And more

Prepare for Your Next Budget Cycle

2. Webinar Replay: Never Spend Time on These Hyperion Planning Tasks Again

As a Hyperion Planning admin, it can be tough to find time to focus on strategic work, but with managed services you can do just that. In this webinar replay, workwear outfitters Williamson-Dickie shares how they offloaded their Planning tasks. You'll also learn about some of the Planning tasks our team can take off your shoulders, including:

  • Managing and supporting data loads
  • Maintaining calc scripts, business rules, member formulas
  • Troubleshooting new user issues
  • Creating and maintaining work flow and task lists
  • Hierarchy modifications and maintenance

Offload Your Hyperion Planning Tasks

3. How-To Guide: Documenting Hyperion Planning, Essbase & HFM

Good documentation is essential when going through transition periods such as an upgrade or migration. If you've inherited a poorly documented Hyperion environment, this eBook can help you catch up on your documentation efforts. You'll find quick tips for documenting maintenance process, multiple planning applications vs. a single planning application, and more. 

Start Documenting Hyperion Planning

4. eBook: The Complete Guide to Hyperion Planning in the Cloud

Does your organization have an iniative to move to the cloud? If so, you should be prepared for Hyperion Planning to migrate to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS). In this eBook, certified EPM consultants tell you everything you need to know about moving to the cloud, including a comparison of cloud products, implementing PBCS on a budget, and the cloud migration process itself.

Plan Your Move to the Cloud

5. Video: What's New in Planning

The version of Hyperion Planning came with a lot of updates. In this 30-minute video, you'll get an update of the most significant changes (there are many) and a quick demo so you can see what to expect from Planning 

Watch the Overview and Demo

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