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FAQ: What is Oracle Analytics for Applications?

With Oracle BI Applications now designated as “content complete,” Oracle is taking the next step forward with Oracle Analytics for Applications, or OAX. Of course, with change comes a barrage of questions about what comes next, what to expect, and when to expect it.

We’ve compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about OAX and the implications it has for your enterprise.

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1. What is Oracle Analytics for Applications?

Oracle Analytics for Applications (OAX) is a set of packaged analytics for Oracle ERP, HCM, CX, and SCM SaaS applications. OAX is a SaaS-packaged content application providing analytics for applications. It is built on top of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), and is powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

2. What are the key features of Oracle Analytics for Applications?

The key features of OAX are best practice key performance indicators (KPIs) driven by insights from machine learning. KPIs have the capability for rapid deployment which facilitates a subsequent rapid return on investment, and the ability for users to expand and contract their usage based on the needs of their business.

Let’s touch on each one of these areas a little more closely…

Best practice KPIs

The use of best practice KPIs enables teams to monitor performance based on what’s important to their business. KPIs consistently measure data to help users make better business decisions, allowing them to act with accountability and repeatable results.

The use of KPIs also provides the entire team with a clear, timely view of metrics and performance. Using KPIs, users can benchmark performance against targets and prior years, define additional metrics, set alerts, and collaborate.

Rapid deployment

OAX comes equipped with ready-to-use dashboards, reports, and KPIs. It requires no database design, tuning, ETL, modeling, and the like, and it comes with deep pre-built analytic models to save users time and money.

Extend to fit your business

OAX users will find its scalability and flexibility an attractive feature. The software is built for customization. Using Oracle’s Extensive Analytics Applications Architecture, users can extend models and content from other sources to your team without concerns about upgrades.

3. Does Oracle Analytics for Applications replace BI Apps?

No, OAX does not replace Oracle BI Apps. Oracle has made this very clear, calling OAX an  “independent new product line of targeted analytical applications for Oracle SaaS customers.”

Current Oracle BI Apps customers are guaranteed support through at least 2030, according to Oracle.

4. What's included in Oracle Analytics for Applications?

A subscription to OAX comes with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). OAX consists of a data pipeline, data warehouse, semantic model, and best-practice content such as prebuilt KPIs, dashboards, and reports.

5. What offerings of Oracle Analytics for Applications are available?

  • Oracle Analytics for Fusion ERP (initial offering)
  • Oracle Analytics for Fusion HCM
  • Oracle Analytics for Fusion SCM
  • Oracle Analytics for Fusion CX
  • Oracle Analytics for NetSuite

6. What do I need to move to Oracle Analytics for Applications?

There are a few prerequisites for moving to OAX. According to Oracle, “You must have a cloud account with Universal Credits to provision Oracle Analytics for Applications.” Furthermore, OAX currently only supports Oracle Fusion Applications Services on version 19B, PB7, or 19C or upwards, so you’ll need to ensure you’re on one of those versions. If you have questions about upgrading, make an appointment with one of our analytics experts.


Change is on the horizon, but you can get ahead of the curve by familiarizing yourself with OAX offerings and requisites now. Our analytics experts can help with assessments and strategic roadmaps to ensure you are ready for leveling up your analytics capabilities.


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eBook: Move to the Cloud or Stay On-Prem?

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